1.33.1 release notes

1.33.1 is now available on both Android and iOS




  • Movement speed — Reduced overall movement speed
  • Shots to kill — Reduced overall shots to kill
  • All SMGs rebalanced — Damage reduced
  • Shotguns — Buffed at close range
  • Aim Punch — Heavily reduced
  • All weapon recoil and power — Closer to v1.32
  • Aim Assist — Stronger at close range
  • Jump height and air strafe — Reduced
  • Damage to legs — Buffed
  • C4 damage — Does direct damage to player health, ignores armor



  • Lowered general movement speed from 5.25 > 5.1
  • Lowered air movement speed from 4.5 > 3.7
  • Increased shooting screen shake recoil by 0.2-0.3 on various guns (closer to v1.32 recoil feel)
  • Reduced random aim punch effect without Kevlar and when hit in the legs




  • Pistols effectiveness increased. In general, pistols now require fewer shots to kill


  • All SMGs heavily rebalanced
  • Reduced damage and armor penetration effectiveness
  • Reduced long-distance effectiveness (More dramatic drop-off)
  • Increased the default spread value on all the SMGs (Avoiding laser feeling while standing still)
  • P90 fire rate increased from 900 to 950
  • Lowered movement inaccuracy on all SMGs (Making them a run-and-gun option at close range)


  • Increased damage on all shotguns (1-shot kill, even against Heavy Armor at close range)
  • Balanced the long-range damage of all shotguns
  • Increased pellets per shot on all shotguns from 7 >9


  • SA58, AR15, SCAR-H default weapon inaccuracy reduced and crosshair fixed
  • Damage adjustments for many ARs to better match their Defuse pricing (damage chart for reference)


  • M14 & SVD shooting spread reduced. Easier to control multiple back-to-back shots now
  • TRG-22 minor reduction in damage but increased its penetration value


  • Frag penetration values changed from medium to high (more direct damage to player)
  • Smoke color was impacted by map lights too much. Changed to be uniformed dark grey
  • Fixed explode on impact mechanic for all throwable utilities; they now explode again on direct hit!


  • Head no change, damage multiplier remains 4
  • Upper body damage multiplier increased from 1 > 1.35
  • Lower body (hip area) multiplier increased from 0.5 > 1.35
  • Leg damage multiplier increased from 0.5 > 0.6



  • Aim Punch — Heavily reduced
  • Heavy set combined has a total of 200 health (Helmet 100 + Kevlar 100)
  • Light set combined has a total of 100 health (Helmet 50 + Kevlar 50)
  • Mixed set combined has a total of 150 health
  • Armor penetration values better represent the difference between the three options: Light, Heavy, and no kevlar equipped.
  • Light kevlar movement speed reduction increased from 3.5% > 4%


  • Penetration value closer to 0 = Armor receives more direct damage
  • Penetration value closer to 1 = Player health takes more direct damage


  • Reduced jump force from 4.3 > 4.1
  • Jump force change also reduces crouch jump force!
  • Reduced air acceleration 4.75 > 4


  • We’re open to feedback on this. Some of you want to keep it; others want it entirely removed.
  • Please send us feedback on how you feel jump-shooting should behave and work!


  • Reduced movement inaccuracy on all guns (Closer to 1.32 but not as low)
  • It now feels less punishing to move around and shoot

Defuse Economy

  • Pricing rebalanced, and multiple weapons received price cuts


Ever since various weapons were assigned to a faction in 2020 — Breach weapons and Coalition weapons have had distinct characteristics. Breach weapons usually have higher damage per shot but a slower fire rate, and Coalition weapons have lower damage but higher fire rate. The coalition also benefits from more silenced weapons.

Aim Assist

  • The aim assist strength has been increased at close range (0 - 7 meters, see chart)

The new values mitigate the punishing factor on the close range with no changes at mid-to long-range. Aim assist not being strong enough at close range was something that many players in both the casual and competitive side of the game outlined as a significant pain point in their feedback.


You can see the Aim Assist strength according to the distance.

  • Y-Axis: Continuous target tracking (aim-lock strength)
  • X-Axis: Distance

Hit Particle Adjustments

All hit particles are fine-tuned to showcase bullet hits more accurately visually.


Visual reference:

  • White: Wall/floor hits
  • Yellow: Body hits without armor
  • Blue: body hits with armor
  • Orange-Yellow Spark: Headshot without armor
  • Blue: Headshot with Helmet

Developer Comments

The previous particles covered visibility; most complaints regarding bullet registration came from players who turned gameplay particles OFF. The new hit particles provide precise value to your gameplay style. Keep them ON. Particles are a key aspect of visual feedback on bullets and shooting.

New Medals: Break

The new medals appear when enemy armor health reaches zero. It does not affect how the armor works; it only provides intel.

  • Helmet Break Medal
  • Kevlar Break Medal


  • Guns with high penetration values will kill opponents before breaking their armor (for example, HK, SCAR-H, and most Sniper Rifles)

Developer Comments

We prepared these medals before the v1.33.0 release, but they didn’t cut the initial release.

We are adding these now in the v1.33.1, as planned. It provides clear visual feedback and should clarify the gameplay. In defuse, it gives players clear intel when opponents are vulnerable.

Updated Android Minimum System Requirements

  • Android OS 5.1 or newer
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible GPU
  • Devices with lower system requirements will no longer be able to play the game