Critical OPS is an action-filled 3D FPS
game explicitly built for mobile multiplayer


Play for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch iOS 9.0 or higher


Play for free on any Android device version 4.4 and up


Also available on Amazon


Action Filled Game Modes

Experience the thrill of modern warfare as you fight as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist.

Opposing teams keep fighting each other until the timer runs out. The team with most kills wins.

In Defuse mode the terrorist team’s goal is to plant the bomb and defend it, while the counter-terrorist team tries to stop them. The round ends when the bomb has exploded or it’s defused. The other possible win condition for either of the teams is when all of the players of the opposing team are defeated.

Gun Game is the newest addition to the action world of Critical Ops. This Brewery-based game mode is played in teams, but there is only one winner to claim the victory. Each kill accounts towards progressing through all 15 weapons: the player who finishes the final level first wins the game.

Ranked System

Climb the ladder and show your skills to the world as you earn and unlock higher ranks. Do you have what it takes to become a Special Ops?

Customize Your Weapon

Choose from a variety of beautifully crafted weapon skins and jump into action in style

and 20 more skins
and 16 more skins
and 13 more skins
and 15 more knives
and 17 more skins

C-Ops Esports

Team up with your friends and face the challenge together.


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Aleksworkshop interview

Aleks designs and crafts these weapons at his home himself and posts videos of them to his Youtube channel AleksWorkShop.

We interviewed him about his creative process and history with Critical Ops.


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