• Player Level borders (visual update)
  • New TDM map: GALLERY
  • Plaza performance optimization
  • In-game NEWS section fixes and updates



  • Resetting Ranks
  • Ranked Seasons
  • Player Level system
  • New event Armory: 1887
  • New gun
  • Milestones for Vector and the new gun
  • Weapon Update (AUG, Frag Grenade, HK417, SA 58, SG551)
  • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Improved Practice Mode loading times
  • FIXED wrong knife sound for different knife models

past update


  • Weekly Challenges
  • Auto claim Critical Pass rewards; when a new season starts and you have unclaimed rewards, previous season’s Critical Pass rewards will be automatically collected
  • Packet Loss indicator
  • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Plaza Optimization
  • Memory optimization
  • FIXED Duplicate bomb in Defuse
  • FIXED the bomb is planted on A the bomb is planted on A the bomb is planted on A