State of Weapon View Models

What Happened?

In the 1.19 update we introduced changes to the Field of View (FOV) and Weapon View models which impacted the gameplay visuals. Weapon position steered towards the centre of the screen and weapon view models are now scaled differently, particularly on devices with 4:3 aspect ratios and when doing inspect animations. We have received lots of player feedback about this throughout the past week.

These visual changes are the result of us reworking the underlying system in an effort to fix issues with weapons clipping, models stretching uncontrollably, and unresponsiveness among other issues that we encountered during past summer.

We have no way to match the old view models directly without introducing the old issues again. That said, we’re actively working on improving the experience of the new system.

How much has it changed? A comparison. Those of you who are part of the BETA program might have noticed that we’ve been tweaking the Weapon View Models a lot, delivering fast progress thanks to the active feedback we get from you.

Check out the comparison below how things have changed:

Image comparison

Why now?

C-OPS is turning five years old during 2020. It’s even more years if we consider its development. Since then, there have been multiple changes coming to the market in terms of devices to support. Various screen aspect ratios, new form factors big & small, notches on screens, new refresh rates, new SDKs with numerous Android & iOS versions and tons of other unforeseeable circumstances due to mobile markets evolving at a rapid pace.

One of the reasons why we’re pushing forward with the new system is that it will allow us to introduce new features and ensure a more level-playing-field for all players.

We’re aware this impacts your muscle memory and milliseconds do matter on our competitive scene. C-OPS Circuit Players have a challenge at hand, something new for all Pro-Players to adapt.

What are we going to do next?

Immediately next week we will sit down with the team and see if there are urgent adjustments that need to be done. We will keep you informed.

Going forward we have multiple new opportunities that we didn’t have before. With this new system in place, we can finally explore new features, things like better first person animations, saving your custom settings presets and so much more.

We will keep monitoring your feedback and make necessary adjustments. We appreciate the passion and constructive feedback.

C-OPS Development Team.