1.25.0 patch notes

1.25.0 is now LIVE and available on both Android and iOS

Ranked Season 5

  • Weapon balance changes
  • New Ranked rewards


For Ranked Season 5, we had a few goals in mind. We wanted to address some community feedback based on the faction weapon split introduced in 1.17.0 while giving room to grow in the future.

There are no changes to the faction weapon split this time around since the current separation fits well. Instead, we focused on re-balancing gunfights in two significant ways:

  • Early and Eco rounds (Pistols, SMG’s & Shotguns)
  • Ranged Combat opportunities (Snipers & other damage over distance balances)

This season, we introduce only a few minor changes to the economy to spice up options during early rounds and low money situations. Our goal is to set in motion themes for future seasons.

We look forward to developing the best competitive gameplay experience and our competitive esports scene, various community programs & the rest of our community in-game.

Now let’s go over the changes!

Weapon balance changes

SVD redesign

TL;DR: “If you move, you’re F$%+”

  • Fast movement speed with heavy movement inaccuracy
  • Able to compete well with Uratio on damage
  • First shot accurate
  • Inaccuracy increases with each consecutive shot after the second
  • SVD design is based on a lightweight, really powerful marksman’s rifle

Developer’s Comments

We’re addressing the often underused SVD rifle, providing a new feel on how the weapon fires, recoils, and accuracy. Overall a better placement in the weapon roster.

That is why a complete redesign was done based on modern marksman rifle behavior. The design intends to provide it with a learning curve different from Uratio to make sniper gameplay more exciting.

The goal for us is to allow different play styles to take form at the top of competitive play and refresh sniping in general.

Low priced SMG’s

TL;DR: “A bit more power, now for a lower price.”


  • More consistent power (damage over distance)
  • Increased fire rate
  • Price decreased by 100$, new price 1200$


  • Weapon shaking while shooting decreased a little
  • Price decreased by 100$, new price 1400$

Developer’s Comments

We want to bring MP5 and MPX a little closer to pistol values and expand the early gameplay possibilities. This was also balanced out with some changes to the Deagle and MR96 to give more opportunities in eco rounds.


TL;DR: “Same deathly power, with a bit more consistent recoil.”

  • More consistent power (damage over distance + more stable damage to armored enemies)
  • More controllable recoil shake

Developer’s Comments

We had a simple goal, make using the Deagle feel more epic. In the right hands, the Deagle should be the weapon to turn the tide on a losing match and allow players to showcase their skill in one tap headshots.


TL;DR: “More power, but less fire rate.”

  • More consistent power (damage over distance + more stable damage to armored enemies)
  • Decreased fire rate
  • “Little brother to the Deagle”

Developer’s Comments

For those unable to handle the power of the Deagle, we wanted to bring a slight counterbalance to the force. MR96 has received a boost in power and damage over distance.

Our goal was to make it different from the Deagle and allow interesting gameplay styles to evolve around both weapons. That is why we reduced its fire rate.

Both weapons have been pushed towards a higher tier able to compete more with AR’s in ranged combat and give interesting eco moments.


TL;DR: “More consistent recoil”

  • Minor recoil reduction to make controlling easier

Developer’s Comments

Dual MTX was improved in recoil to make it a more viable option to use for its price.

We haven’t been so happy with how little use it has been getting, and hopefully, this will allow some to have more shots with the weapon in competitive play.

All shotguns

TL;DR: “Improved armor penetration and shot effectiveness over close to medium distances.”

M1887 & FP6

  • More consistent damage over distance
  • Armor penetration increased


  • More consistent damage over distance
  • Armor penetration increased
  • Decreased fire rate

Developer’s Comments

All shotguns have consistent damage over distance, making them a viable buy in more situations now. We also boosted the armor penetration to balance that close-to-medium distance damage.

Super90 is the only shotgun to receive additional changes in the form of a reduced fire rate, making sure it won’t become too powerful in certain situations.

All the data, now at your fingertips!

This time around, we wanted to share more data and information with you. We are working on new ways to communicate the stats and the effects better. To get you all going, tap on the categories to see more information about weapons, base character stats and more.

We want to remind everyone that the best way to learn how our weapons feel and behave is in-game. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this and knowing what data you would be interested in!

Character and other data
Default health 100
Head damage 320%
Chest damage 116%
Stomach damage 132%
Arm & Leg damage 100%
Default movement speed 5.3
Crouch delay 0.25 seconds

Default armor 100
Economy price 800
Very High penetration weapons -5%
High penetration weapons -10%
Medium penetration weapons -20%
Low penetration weapons -35%
No armor = Max damage
  • Lower armor penetration = less damage

Damage 60-100
Armor penetration Ignores armor
Movement speed increase 2.5%
Interaction range 1.85 units
Deploy time 0.525 seconds

Pistol data
Pistols P250 MR96 XD.45 GSR1911 DEAGLE DUAL MTX
Economy price 300 500 500 600 700 800
Damage 22-33 44-45 15-38 29-41 48-50 23-36
Fire rate 315 110 385 270 220 475
Clip size 17 6 19 8 7 24
Extra clips 2 5 3 3 4 3
Movement speed reduction -7% -9% -10% -7% -7% -10%
Effective distance 7 units 20 units 10 units 8 units 15 units 10 units
Armor penetration ability Low Medium Low Medium Very High Low
Wall penetration Weak Strong Weak Weak Strong Weak

Sub machine gun data
Sub machine guns MP5 MPX MP7 VECTOR P90
Economy price 1200 1400 1600 2000 2200
Damage 14-29 12-30 12-33 12-33 17-35
Fire rate 880 850 925 1000 900
Clip size 30 30 30 33 50
Extra clips 3 3 3 3 2
Movement speed reduction -13% -14% -12% -15% -15%
Effective distance 10 units 10 units 9 units 10 units 12 units
Armor penetration ability Low Low Low Medium Low
Wall penetration Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak

Assault rifle data
Assault rifles SA58 AK47 M4 HK417 SG551 AUG
Economy price 1800 2600 2800 2900 3000 3200
Damage 20-30 30-36 26-32 39-42 36-38 34-40
Fire rate 1200 600 675 440 620 630
Clip size 30 30 30 20 30 32
Extra clips 3 3 3 3 3 3
Movement speed reduction -20% -20% -20% -25% -24% -25%
Effective distance 15 units 24 units 22 units 25 units 30 units 25 units
Armor penetration ability Medium High Medium Very High Very High Medium
Wall penetration Strong Strong Strong Strong Strong Strong

Shotgun data
Shotguns M1887 FP6 SUPER90
Economy price 1000 1100 2600
Damage 4-19 4-22 5-16
Fire rate 180 180 240
Clip size 5 8 8
Extra clips 5 3 3
Movement speed reduction -15% -15% -15%
Effective distance 7 units 7 units 8 units
Armor penetration ability Medium Medium Medium
Wall penetration Weak Weak Weak

Sniper rifle data
Sniper rifles TRG22 URATIO SVD M14
Economy price 1800 4000 4200 4800
Damage 69-70 100-101 80-90 50-62
Fire rate 200 150 115 180
Clip size 10 10 10 8
Extra clips 4 3 3 3
Movement speed reduction -10% -25% -15% -27.5%
Effective distance 40 units 60 units 50 units 50 units
Armor penetration ability Medium Very High Very High Very High
Wall penetration Strong Strong Strong Strong

Utility data
Economy price 300 200 300
Damage 1-98 - -
Explosion distance 3-8 units - -
Movement speed reduction -5% -5% -5%
Throw time 0.34s 0.34s 0.34s
Throw velocity 20 units/s 20 units/s 20 units/s
Bounciness -50% -50% -50%
Friction -50% -50% -50%
Armor penetration ability Low - -

Ranked Season 5 Rewards

A new season brings a new set of rewards for you to unlock.


  • Reach the required Rank
  • Achieve the necessary victories
  • Collect your reward

Rewards Per Rank

RANK Total Wins Required Reward
Iron 10 Wins 350 Credits
Bronze 20 Wins 400 Credits
Silver 30 Wins 500 Credits
Gold 40 Wins 2 Premium Cases
Platinum 50 Wins 2 T5 Case
Diamond 60 Wins 2 Warpaint 2021 Event Cases
Master 70 Wins Uratio Season 5 Mastery
Spec OPS 80 Wins Uratio Season 5 Supremacy

A fresh batch of rewards to continue encouraging all competitive players.

This season includes two unique Uratio Rifle skins to recognize Top-Listed players.


Developer’s Comments

We wanted to acknowledge those players moving through the ranks. We’re happy to report that players from different segments decided to join Ranked matches to unlock their rewards.

We have many ideas on how to continue improving Ranked Rewards and other methods to recognize players.

Game Mode: Elimination

Welcome to the new era of deathmatch gameplay in Critical Ops.

In Elimination, players compete in a 3v3 round-based elimination match for supremacy. Elimination combines the best parts from Team Deathmatch and Defuse into a highly competitive new game mode that is easy to pick up but requires great game sense and teamwork to master.

There are no respawns during the same round, just fast action until one team takes home the win each round. Form your squad, pick your weapon of choice and hop into action in update 1.25!


Gamemode details

  • Elimination is a team based game mode
  • No respawns during a single round
  • Kevlar & Helmet as default gear
  • All weapons are available to both factions
  • Freeze time at the start of each round is 10 seconds
  • Buy time at the start of each round is 15 seconds
  • To win a round eliminate the enemy team
  • Win 9 rounds for victory
  • Max 6 players

Developer’s Comments

For the 1.25 update, we want to bring something new to the core gameplay experience. The new Warehouse map gave us the perfect opportunity to explore a new team vs team format.

Elimination adds something new to Critical Ops that TDM and Defuse couldn’t offer. It’s easy to get into, yet challenging to master.

Like Skullhunter before it, we consider Elimination a core game mode for the game. We’ll be looking at its performance closely to understand how the community feels about it. The response to Skullhunter Solo & Duo has not fully met our expectations. Still, we hope this new team vs team format with rounds will give you all a unique gameplay experience that works for both casual and competitive focused players alike.

We hope you all enjoy this one! Please let us know your feedback through any of our social channels.

Map updates

A new map, “Warehouse”, will be introduced in the 1.25 version


  • Sharing the same theme as Brewery and Raid
  • Small map, suitable for smaller team fights
  • Immediately available in custom games, in any mode




Other map changes

Canals: fixed several reported issues

  • Updated colliders to avoid bomb stuck spots
  • Power boxes are now penetrable
  • Fixed some occlusion issues (disappearing objects)
  • Fixed leaky ceiling in the tunnel (rain no longer appears in the tunnel)

Plaza (and Heat): fixed in-game advertising

  • Especially noticeable in Plaza, but now resolved and will have proper lighting/color when no in-game ad is displayed
  • Also airplanes are no longer as fast as fighter jets

Port (and Cargo): forklift updated

  • Forklift no longer has small gap and forklift is now penetrable
  • The concrete base of the light pillars is now penetrable
  • Other objects that aren’t in gameplay area are now penetrable (optimization)

Raid: minor tweaks

  • Added additional plank next to crate in B long. This is to reduce bullet damage from wall-banging the green crate
  • Fixed several bomb stuck spots


  • Updated lighting

All maps, where applicable:

  • Updated buy area indicators in the minimap

Developer’s Comments

Warehouse is the newest addition to C-OPS, with a similar approach as maps like Park and Bout. This means that Warehouse initially serves more like a small arena than a bigger Defuse or Team Deathmatch map. Warehouse supports all modes, although it may be pretty tricky to plant the bomb if you decide to play Warehouse in Defuse mode. We’re curious to see the battles that will take place on this map regardless!

Various other fixes and improvements

We have also worked on several improvements and bug fixes all across the board. Including but not limited to:

  • Skins
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Gameplay bugs
  • Menu UI
  • Localization
  • And more…