Past version


  • Quick Matches
  • Weapon balance updates
  • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Knife Audio iterated
  • Facebook SDK update
  • FIXED: Grenades could deal more damage through walls when they were next to a wall

Past version


  • New map: DIVISION
  • Milestones
  • Flash Sales
  • Cinematic spectator camera
  • Party matchmaking fixes and stability improvements for servers
  • Improved weapon audio
  • Added information pop up when trying to play on a server that has matchmaking disabled
  • The maximum size of shoot etc buttons is 17 % bigger
  • Audio level adjustments
  • Minor memory optimisation
  • FIXED some Google Play login issues
  • The game now shows error when no internet connection when trying to login or link accounts
  • UI optimisation
  • CPU optimisation
  • FIXED getting full flashbang effect when the flash grenade is barely visible
  • FIXED flashbangs not affecting ambient audio
  • Automatic graphics settings
  • Account linking fixes/ improvements
  • FIXED able to glitch inside walls
  • More Facebook login issues
  • FIXED stopping movement when closing scoreboard
  • FIXED Canals unreachable bomb/weapon pickup places
  • FIXED Canals raining inside cafe occasionally
  • FIX in-game 120 FPS option missing
  • FIXED mission pop up not showing in the first login on the session
  • FIXED crash when opening Winterfest 2017 cases

Past version


  • Clan chat
  • Party chat
  • Brewery: visual and layout improvements
  • Chat profanity filtering added
  • FIXED: mission popup not appearing after completing a mission in a match
  • If you don’t have enough credits to change your name, you are taken to get credits
  • FIXED: not having selected any game modes not showing up any rooms
  • Updated weapon throwing and pick up audio
  • Updated hit audio feedback
  • Restored functionality moving while scoreboard is open
  • FIXED: aim-assist logic