1.32.0 release notes

1.32.0 is now available on both Android and iOS


Feature Notes:

  • Added a new radio joystick button to HUD touch controls
  • Using the radio joystick button activates the ping selection wheel
  • Selecting any option creates a ping marker where the crosshair is pointing at
  • Drag the joystick button to the “X” indicator to cancel ping creation
  • The ping wheel contains eight different options for different gameplay situations
  • Hovering the crosshair over the ping marker icon reveals text and distance-based information
  • Only teammates can see the ping markers
  • Muting a player hides all the ping makers they create
  • Marking too many pings consecutively triggers a cooldown timer
  • The minimap showcases the ping marker icons locations
  • Dropped weapons no longer have weapon icons
  • Weapons on the ground showcase a tier based highlight color and skin names

Developer Notes:

  • We hope this new system brings a new way to communicate with your teammates.
  • This feature is also meant to lowers the language barrier between players since pings are translated to all supported languages
  • We will closely follow your feedback for future improvement ideas, new ping marker messages and other customization options


Feature Notes:

  • Control Settings are now categorized into two groups, Default and Advanced
  • It is now possible to toggle between static and -joystick shoot and aim buttons easily
  • Aim-joystick automatically uses touch-to-hold interaction:
  • Active touch = Scoped in, Release touch = Back to hip fire
  • Sensitivity options now allow adjustment of horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis) values
  • You can now add a secondary shoot button to your touch controls HUD
  • Adjust Aim Down Sights sensitivities individually for, Sniper Riffles and Scoped Assault Rifles
  • Most slider values now go between the range of 0-200%

Developer Notes:

  • We have created an automatic migration code that automatically applies your existing settings to the new setting options that only exist in the 1.32 version.
  • For example, it matches your old X value to both new X and Y values.
  • Options that are entirely new and unique to 1.32 are set to 0% or 100% by default.
  • There are significant changes to how settings work under the hood, which means some values in 1.32 might not match the old values you had 1.31 in terms of numerical values (Gyro-settings)
  • However, all transferred settings will match the gameplay feel of those previous values in 1.31.
  • We’ve tested the migration back and forth between 1.31 <-> 1.32 as much as possible.

Future Plans:

  • Why now? because of the way our settings used to work it didn’t allow us to efficiently add new features.
  • These new setting values provide us a path for new future features like cloud saved settings and others additions.


Feature Notes:

  • New Scoped Assault Rifle! SCAR-H with a green dot sight
  • SCAR-H is available for both factions
  • SCAR-H will be available in Team Death Match, Elimination, Quick Defuse, and Custom Games
  • It Will enter Ranked mode in a future update with the next ranked season!

Developer Notes:

  • SCAR-H is positioned as the most powerful Assault Rifle in the game
  • An expensive long-distance Assault Rifle able to run toe-to-toe against Snipers
  • SCAR-H becomes more accurate as you keep firing. It also has a high fire rate of 650!
  • For this reason it’s best suited for burst fire rather than single tap shots
  • It has a clip size of 20 bullets and comes equipped with five clips, which means 120 bullets in total
  • It also works similarly to the AR-15 and its Aim-Down-Sight mechanics
  • SCAR-H gains a significant increase in accuracy with using aim down sights compared to hip fire
  • SCAR-H has no Aim Assist, just like the AR-15

Special Gift:

  • To celebrate the release of our latest new weapon the SCAR-H, you will be able to claim a FREE limited time exclusive “Flat Dark Earth” -skin!
  • The “Flat Dark Earth” skin will be available via inbox at the start of the official 1.32.0 release. Remember to claim it before it’s gone forever!
  • Follow our social media channels for more information to know when 1.32.0 releases!


Feature Notes:

  • New underlying User Interface tech.
  • Fresh new visuals, unifying buttons, toggles, and sliders
  • Menu background supports a 3D scene showcasing various content, visual effects, and particle systems. For low-end devices the scene will be static.
  • New Flash Offer showcasing weapons skins in 3D for players to rotate and preview
  • A performance safety net for low-end devices keep the framerate up
  • Entirely reworked screens allowing space for the new features

Developer Notes:

  • We have been working on upgrading our User Interface tech for a while. Our goal is to improve the game development speed moving forward to bring you more new exciting features
  • In future updates, you will experience various UI changes as we rework individual features and screens like Loadout, Store, Play menu, Player Profiles, Social tabs, and more with a completely new, modern, and fresh look.
  • We will also closely monitor the New UI performance with all the latest tools and tech solutions to manage it. We are excited to bring you more unique and visually impactful experiences in future updates!


Feature Notes:

  • The matchmaking system now looks for opponents only based on your current rank.
  • The option to expand ranked search to include all ranks has been removed. Known as “Play Against Anyone!” popup.
  • The matchmaking search range is limited to your rank +-1 rank.
  • This means that only two consecutive ranks can play together.
  • For example, Gold+Silver or Platinum + Diamond.
  • Currently, Gold and Platinum can not play together to address the possible skill difference.
  • There will no longer be matches combining more than two ranks per match.
  • Example: No more three different ranks in a match (Silver+Gold+Platinum)
  • The expected result is that matchmaking should be more accurate, faster, and easier to understand for everyone.
  • Unranked players will obtain an official rank after completing each placement match. That’s still 10/10 matches.
  • Party restrictions still apply. The rules now follow the new requirements. Players can’t queue to a ranked match with other players outside of the allowed new matchmaking ranges.

Developer Notes:

  • Unranked does not mean new or low-skilled player! It means they are in the process of doing placement matches to gain an official rank.
  • The matchmaking system requires these players to complete ten matches before they are given a publicly visible rank.
  • With these changes we are directly addressing feedback about matchmaking improvements that we have heard from our ranked and competitive players.
  • We hope that this change helps clarify how the matchmaking system works.


All maps:

  • Improved visual quality of light blobs.


  • Added kill triggers inside the vehicle (Breach side).
  • Adjustments to colliders.
    • It is no longer possible to get onto the containers near the warehouse.
  • Revised occlusion for better performance and fewer issues of disappearing objects in certain positions and sightlines.
  • Lighting was slightly reworked.
  • Added more spawn points for both teams.
  • Added additional cover in the middle section.
  • In-game loading screen and host room images are updated to reflect the current state.


  • Updated a few textures for slightly better performance.


  • Lighting adjusted to fix wrongly lit characters.
  • Revised occlusion for better performance and less issues of disappearing objects in certain positions and sightlines.
    • Fixed disappearing objects when looking from mid to A long.
    • Fixed disappearing objects from mid to B long (next to the vehicle).
  • Adjustments to colliders.
    • Most reported stuck bomb spots were fixed.
    • It is no longer possible to stand on the back of the forklift in mid.
  • Moved boxes in mid to gap leading to A.
  • Moved objects so that it is no longer possible to view Breach spawn from a gap between mid and A.
  • Added an additional crate on A to block line of sight to long A.
  • Fixed overlapping decals in B long.
  • In-game loading screen and host room images are updated to reflect the current state.


  • Fuel trucks placed in the map are updated to higher quality models.



  • AR-15 has been rebalanced, and recoil has been adjusted after the initial balancing period
  • AR-15 red dot, lens effect, and scoped in visuals, as well as scope shaking, has been improved
  • AR-15 has been officially added to the Ranked Defuse game mode
  • ADS system for Scoped Assault Rifles has been improved
  • Added Milestones for AR-15 and SCAR-H
  • Added Daily missions for Deagle, MPX, and SVD Rifle
  • Weapons dropped on the ground no longer have circle weapon icons
  • Various bug fixes and anti-cheat updates