Past version

0.9.4 - Party Ranked

  • Ranked Games (Party)
  • FIXED Trying to log in with facebook when the user has changed password
  • Friend Chat
  • Improved Ranked Matchmaking
  • Defuse: Team colors will only swap in the UI during Switching Sides
  • RANKED: Loading Screen with Match Details and Teams
  • Team Autobalance is disabled in private matches
  • Ranked: Short spawn protection

Past version

0.9.3 - Store Update

  • Updated Store Layout
  • Mobile: Memory Use Improvement
  • FIXED bomb flickering issue
  • FIXED crosshair smudges on low resolution devices
  • FIXED MP5 and AUG not drawing properly
  • Fixed some map glitches in Bureau

Past version

0.9.2 - Anti-Cheat Update

  • Big Anti-Cheat Update
  • 2 New Knife Skins
  • Option: Shoot Using Touch Pressure (if your device supports it)
  • Scoreboard: Able to open player profiles and interact with players in the room: Add Friend
  • Minor Optimization to performance during gameplay, reduced FPS spikes
  • Updated “Clothes” Audio when moving
  • Updated Bullet Impact Audios
  • TDM: Spawn protection lasts 3 seconds, doesn’t expire when shooting or moving
  • Google Play: First 5 Achievements
  • FIXED shoot button showing too early in tutorial and when spectacting
  • More Info when creating a clan (Clan Shoots, Max Clan Size)
  • FIXED double switch when switching weapons fast
  • FIXED some memory issues
  • FIXED “ALL” chat messages being visible as one in TEAM Chat after disabling ALL Chat