Operation Warpaint 3


It is time to show your colors and see which of the factions – Coalition or The Breach – you stand for!
Operation Warpaint 3 introduces a wide variety of new items, fresh from the secret underground workshops.

Operation Warpaint 3 delivers two different skin collections, one for each faction: the clean and organized “Security” collection for Coalition in its navy blue glory, and the wild and chaotic skin collection for The Breach.

These two collections represent each faction and its visual style, a comprehensive set for players to equip and show off, so be sure to get the complete collections!

The event also delivers additional goodies in the Operation Warpaint case in the form of new and previous years’ designs.

Be ready to report for duty and join the fight between Coalition and The Breach!



Operation Warpaint 3 delivers a precise and institutional “Security” collection for the Coalition in its navy blue glory!

  • Warpaint 2021 case costs 500 credits
  • Duplicates will grant you Warpaint 2021 event tokens



This time Lucky Spin includes the wild and chaotic skin collection for The Breach!
Spin and unlock these fantastic rewards!

  • New Operation Warpaint Lucky Spin added
  • Lucky spin will be activated April 12th and will last till May 10th
  • A reward is guaranteed for each spin
  • Credit costs increase with each spin
  • Drop chances can be found from Lucky Spin “Info” tab





Warpaint Rush puts a new spin on the classic Defuse game mode.

The round begins with a bomb randomly planted on one of the bombsites. Coalition has to guess where the bomb has been planted and rush to defuse it.
Additionally, The Breach will carry an additional bomb they can plant on any bombsite. If either of the bombs explodes, The Breach wins.

Simply defusing the bomb(s) does not result in a round win for Coalition. As Coalition, the objective is to defuse, eliminate and not allow The Breach to plant more bombs.
If the round ends before other win conditions are met Coalition takes the round win.
This mode will test the strategic decision-making and the ability of both teams to adapt to quickly changing situations.



Gameplay conditions:

  • Either bombsite A or B will have a bomb planted at the start of each round.
  • TB has an additional bomb they can plant on any bombsite.
  • Defusing a bomb does not give round win for C!
  • Defusing and planting bomb takes 3 seconds.
  • Bomb explosion can result in elimination for anyone in range!
  • Max 10 players.

Win conditions

  • C has to defend bombsites until time ends or they have eliminated all opponents to win a round.
  • TB has to detonate either bomb or eliminate all opponents to win a round.
  • Win 9 rounds for victory.
  • Team flip after 8 rounds.

Canals will be featured as the Warpaint Rush map during the event:


Developer’s comments

We wanted to bring a new defuse-based game mode idea into Critical Ops to celebrate the faction war theme with this year’s warpaint event.
For us this event represents a chance to explore the fight between Coalition and The Breach. With Warpaint Rush we hope to mix things up a little to potentially evolve defuse gameplay in the future.
In this game mode the economy works just like in regular defuse but it adds some high stakes and fast action in the form of a preemptively planted bomb that forces Coalition to take a more active role at the beginning of each round and allows for new tactics for both sides.

We can’t wait to see how big of a rush you will experience when playing Warpaint Rush.
In this game mode every second and decision counts!

Now available in the patch 1.24.0.
Get it on Google Play or App Store!