1.24.0 patch notes

1.24.0 is now in LIVE on Android and iOS.



Explore the reworked Canals to experience all the changes. Here is a list of some of the notable (gameplay) changes:

  • Bomb site A now has more cover on site.
    • Previously it was very hard to hold the site since there was barely any place to take cover. Bomb plant situations should now be more focused on the site itself, rather than outside of it.
  • Moved the tower to bomb site A.
    • Now the tower can act as a guiding landmark to one of the bomb sites.
  • Bar/cafe staircase is no longer open.
    • This eliminates bar camping with direct visibility to the bomb site. The original staircase provided too much advantage.
  • Any and all exterior stairs are now normally accessible.
    • It should be much easier to traverse these now.
  • All buildings now have a roof.
    • This is to fix thrown utilities passing through them, which was unintentional behavior.
  • Many trees are re-positioned.
    • Especially noteworthy are the trees that were located on “upper catwalk”. This is done to improve visibility to other players in that area.





Other map changes:

  • Legacy: higher quality shadows. This does not mean that the actual lighting design has changed, but merely the quality of the shadows have improved (less jagged edges overall).
  • Park: the branches of the trees no longer have collision. This is to improve utility throwing as well as decreasing the amount of potential stuck spots for both players and dropped items (like weapons).
  • Hangar is no longer hostable in Defuse mode in custom games. This is actually a bug that will now be resolved. We are exploring ways to bring more maps in any mode, but it requires more time and resources to pull this off. A beneficial takeaway is that we were now able to learn what is required to provide a better experience in the future.

Developer’s comments:

In this episode of map reworks you will see Canals take its turn. This rework features changes to address map balance, reported bugs and of course the visual quality of the map assets. These changes were (again) validated with a closed group of testers, comprised of competitive players and casual players alike.

Various other fixes and improvements

We have also worked on several improvements and bug fixes all across the board.

Including but not limited to:

  • Skins
  • Gameplay bugs
  • Menu UI
  • localization
  • and more…