Summer'89 is here - hotter than ever


It’s time to celebrate summer with a new Armory event! Summer ‘89 is built around the new sniper rifle SVD. This time Armory event includes the SVD specific Game Mode SHARPSHOOTER and a brand new Event Map called PARK.

Retro themed Armory: Summer ‘89 -event will be available until September 9th.


EvenT Game Mode & MAP

Armory: Summer ‘89 introduces SHARPSHOOTER mode that is a Deathmatch based Snipers (and Knives) only game mode. The game mode is played in a new map, PARK, that is designed explicitly for snipers only game mode.



  • Added a new game mode “Sharpshooter” available during the Summer ‘89 Event
  • Sharpshooter is 3v3, snipers-only team deathmatch on the new “Park” map
  • Sharpshooter replaces Quick Gun Game when available
  • Added support for time-limited game modes

Developer’s Comments:

Sharpshooter is a new game mode similar to TDM, but where you can only choose a sniper rifle. The mode is played 3v3 on the new Park map. We wanted to push some new fresh gameplay content to our events, and give players an excellent opportunity to try out the new SVD sniper. It’s also suitable for practicing your sniping skills. PARK has been built specifically for the SHARPSHOOTER game mode. Three players on each side, it should be just chaotic enough. SHARPSHOOTER will be available in the Quick Matches during the Armory: Summer ‘89, and it replaces Gun Game to ensure a healthy matchmaking pool.

SHARPSHOOTER game mode and PARK map have been built using some tools we have been developing over this year. These tools allowed us to build both the game mode and map faster than any previous game mode or map. We hope to utilize the tools more over the months to come and create some more exciting gameplay content on top of adding new content to the existing game modes.

Speaking of which, we know a lot of people are eager to get a new Defuse map, and we definitely have not forgotten you! While working on PARK, most of our efforts have gone into building an entirely new Defuse map. It has been in production for a while now, and we have been actively testing the map. So keep your eyes peeled for some teasers on the new map.



Developer’s Comments:

PARK is a new addition to C-OPS, specifically built for the upcoming event. As such, it will be available only during the Summer ‘89 event. However, in future updates, you’ll be able to select PARK in Custom Games.

In PARK, there is no great distance between the opposing teams, nor are there specific hallways or rooms to divide the playable area. It is designed to be open, yet have enough opportunities to get behind cover (use crouch!).


Summer ‘89 includes a total of 26 limited-time skins, including three knife skins. 12 of them are totally new, and 10 fan-favorite skins are brought back from Summer’88 event.

Armory: Summer ‘89 is a continuation of last year’s very successful Summer ‘88 in-game event. While Summer ‘88 focused more on synth-wave, outrun and vaporwave aesthetics, Summer ‘89 combines elements from retro designs and summer to create a cohesive retro summer skin collection. The most popular Summer ‘88 skins make a return, while the new event is adding tons of new unique content.


Skins unlock permanently, and they cannot be purchased with blue Tokens or yellow Credits. Event skins can be bought by using Event Tokens. Event Tokens are received whenever you get a duplicate Event Skin through the seasonal event cases. After the event, all of your remaining Event Tokens will be converted into regular blue Tokens, so you can use them directly get any of the existing skins.


The event is available in the latest Critical Ops version, update to version 1.8.0 now!