1.45.0 patch notes

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  • Added Cade, Sandstorm Rookie, and Urban Rookie for Coalition.
  • Added Karma, Biker Nomad, and Cloud Nomad for The Breach.

More information is available in the Agents announcement article and the Agent catalog.


  • Increased overall color saturation and brightness.
  • Changed protective gear color from almost black to be blue or have a blue tint.


  • Increased overall color saturation and brightness.
  • Changed baseball cap color from almost black to orange and gray.
  • Changed outfit details color from almost black to light gray.



  • Allowed bots to be random agents.

The bots in practice mode and the initial tutorial bot match will have random agents applied to them. Bots cannot be Cade or Karma.



  • Made High Spec Ops players start new ranked seasons with a ranked rating of 2000.

We want to keep the top players competing with each other. This change should provide better matchmaking at season start.


  • Made Iron 1 players start new ranked seasons with a ranked rating of 1100.

This change should help Iron players start ranked seasons strong and make finding matches easier.


  • Players with a ranked rating above 2150 will have their rating reduced by 1% every day after 7 days since the last finished ranked match.

We have been seeing the best players climb to the top and keep their spots without showing their skills by actively playing. This change is made to address the inactivity in Elite Ops and make players show they have what it takes to be at the top of the Elite Ops leaderboard.



  • Added controller stick deadzone.
  • Added deadzone size sliders for left and right sticks.
  • Added 3 deadzone shapes.

Circle deadzone

Stick input will not be registered until it leaves the circle

Square deadzone

Stick input will not be registered until it leaves the square

Cross deadzone

Horizontal input will not be registered until it leaves the green zone
Vertical input will not be registered until it leaves the red zone



  • Changed map thumbnail shape to squares from rectangles.
  • Added option to select several maps for hosting - map is chosen randomly from selected.

Hosting or filtering custom games can be intimidating at times. These changes are made to allow players to see more maps on their screen and be able to select them easily.



  • Added callout HUD element.
  • Added callouts to all maps.
  • Added callouts to chat messages.

Where am I? Wonder no longer, as you can now tell the part of the map you’re at and communicate that to your teammates in an instant!

The callout HUD element can be moved and scaled through the controls settings. Like the radar, it will not change in opacity alongside controls and will not be visible when you or the player you’re spectating is flashed.

Sending a message to the team chat will also show your callout to your teammates. If you do not like seeing callouts in chat, you can turn that off locally through general settings, and your teammates will still see them. The callouts will not be localized to other languages and will be in English regardless of the chosen game language.



We have decided to take our own route in naming map parts, so the callouts will differ from what you may be used to. This is the first iteration of the callout names, so we’re open to player feedback.



  • Removed additional lights in inaccessible hallways.


  • Added additional objects to help with character visibility.


  • Moved a few assets in mid.
  • Fixed bomb stuck spots.
  • Added kill triggers in certain places.


  • Improved church asset quality.
  • Changed Coalition spawn building.
  • Removed several rows of windows around the map for improved player movement.
  • Added more colliders to prevent bomb stuck spots.
  • Fixed small gaps to the void.
  • Fixed other minor issues.


  • Changed windows on top of the restaurant building. They’re now open and allow for utilities to be thrown into the building.
  • Changed grass decals so they actually use grass material (for footsteps, bullet impact, etc).
  • Made top of umbrellas in A long accessible, instead of following the railing edges.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong ambient audio would play in some areas.
  • Decorated building in A long.
  • Made water less transparent outside main entrance of restaurant.
  • Optimized some assets.


We are always monitoring the cheating situation and are working on improving our anti-cheat measures. We will not disclose system changes made to our anti-cheat, as we do not want to provide potential aid to cheaters, but we want to assure you that it is our main priority to provide a fair gaming experience for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has been assisting us by reporting in the match and manually through in-game support. We value your support and dedication in helping us keep the game safer for everyone!


Our servers underwent several DDoS attacks, causing many players to experience major lag during gameplay.

We would like to thank everyone for your support and patience during this, and are glad to inform that we have implemented a solution to this problem.

We will continue to monitor the situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through in-game support if you are experiencing any issues.


  • Chat messages are visible on the match end screen.
  • Name change instructions are visible by default instead of waiting for an invalid name.