We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature - Agents! For the first time in Critical Ops, you will be able to equip new agents that change your appearance on every map.


In 1.45.0 there will be 6 new agents, 3 for each faction. Introducing Cade (Coalition) and Karma (The Breach) – agents with entirely new looks, first-person hand models, and distinctive voice lines!


In addition to Cade and Karma, we are introducing 4 new agents, 2 for each faction, which are different variations of the Rookie (Coalition) and Nomad (The Breach) agents.


You can browse the Agent catalog to learn more details about each agent.


Cade and Karma will be available in their own Lucky Spins starting in 1.45.0. Aside from Cade and Karma, these Lucky Spins will contain Cade and Karma themed weapon and utility skins. These skins can be equipped in combination with any agent.

Missed the Lucky Spin? Don’t worry, both Cade and Karma will be available for purchase later in a future update.

Sandstorm Rookie will be available in the Critical Pass as a free tier reward. Biker Nomad will be available in the Standard case and, like other Very Rare items, will have a drop chance of 2%.

Urban Rookie and Cloud Nomad will be available in the Recruit case as the only 2 Rare items and will have a drop chance of 0.5%.

Agents are excluded from the Trade up system just like knives, gloves, and emblems are. Agents cannot be used for or gained from using Trade up system.


Critical Ops is not and will never be pay-to-win. Our core value is to keep gameplay balance in mind.

All agents will have the same hitboxes, health points, equipment slots, damage values, and so on. Agents are purely cosmetic and similarly to weapon skins only affect your experience visually.

Agents will follow the general color scheme of Coalition and The Breach so that you can distinguish friends from foes, and to aid with that, you can utilize the enemy outline indicators. Read more on how you can utilize enemy indicators here.