Worlds 2023



Critical Ops WORLDS 2023 will begin THIS FALL in November with a total combined prize pool of $25,000 USD

HELSINKI, FINLAND, WEDNESDAY, 8th of November, 2023 - Critical Force has partnered up with MOBILE E-SPORTS once again and will be presenting the second iteration of the World Championship to Critical Ops Esports.

This highly anticipated event has a combined prize pool of $25,000, with prizes awarded to the final eight teams that make it to the end of the tournament. This year’s sponsors REDMAGIC, G FUEL, and GameSir bring an exciting intensity to this iteration of the World Championships.

In Stage 1, teams that missed out on direct qualification participate in a single-elimination Last Chance Qualifier. While the winner moves onto Stage 2, those that placed 5th in last season’s Pro League (Eurasia and Americas) compete against the runner-ups of the Last Chance Qualifiers. The 3rd and 4th place teams from Pro League bypass this stage and will head straight to Stage 2.

In Stage 2, last season’s Pro League’s 3rd and 4th will compete against each other in Match 1, with the winner advancing straight to Stage 3, giving the loser one final chance of making it to the next stage. Concurrently, the two teams making it out of Stage 1 battle amongst themselves in Match 2, with the winner of that encounter facing the loser of Match 1 - this is Match 3 - the winner of which also advances to Stage 3. The 1st and 2nd place teams from Pro League bypass this stage and will head straight to Stage 3.

In the Final Stage, the regions come together to create two global brackets, each with four teams, competing in a double-elimination format. The winners of each bracket then face off in a Best of Seven Grand Final held over the course of two days.


Stream Times:

  • Final Stage Week 1 2x Winners R1 Bracket 1 & 2 (BO3) /- Sat Nov 11th / Sun Nov 12th
  • Final Stage Week 2 Consolidation R1 + Winners Finals Bracket 1 & 2 (BO3) - Sat Nov 18th / Sun Nov 19th
  • Final Stage Week 3 Consolidation R2 Bracket 1 & 2 (BO3) - Sat Nov 25th / Sun Nov 26th
  • Conference Finals Bracket 1 and 2 (BO5) Sat Dec 2nd/Sun Dec 3rd
  • Grand Finals (BO7 x 1 Match divided into two days, Time TBA) - Sat for Part 1 / Dec 9th & Sun for Part 2 / Dec 10th

About Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a competitive tactical shooter for mobile devices. Two teams battle it out in a 5v5 defuse game mode using teamwork, tactics and skills to outplay the opposition. With a growing competitive scene, Critical Ops is one of the early pioneers in mobile eSports. Available for free on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore, the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

About Critical Force

Critical Force is a Finnish game company that develops the best online shooter games for mobile devices. The company’s first major title, Critical Ops, is available to download on iOS and Android. Founded in 2012 with a small team of game development students, Critical Force started building the technology and proof of concept for an online first-person shooter game for mobile devices. It quickly amassed millions of organic downloads on various mobile platforms and solidified the company’s vision of pioneering mobile esports. Learn more at https://criticalforce.fi.

About Mobile Esports

MOBILE E-SPORTS is a leading online eSports organizer for mobile games. Founded in 2015, introducing eSports tournaments to mobile gaming before the mobile eSports industry became mainstream. MOBILE E-SPORTS introduced innovative approaches that simplified tournament organization and continues to work on creating an exciting experience for teams and game developers alike.

With its vast network and supportive partners, MOBILE E-SPORTS aims to shine the light on unique individuals and remarkable teams in order to help them achieve their dream as professional mobile gamers within a growing platform. Tournaments are free and open to all players from all around the world as long as they comply with the rules and regulations in reference to the guidelines provided by MOBILE E-SPORTS and their partners. As experts and pioneers in the mobile industry, they continue to innovate the world of mobile esports for a better experience for everyone involved.


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