Teams for the Mobile Masters Group Stage are confirmed


The teams facing off each other in the Group Stage of Amazon Mobile Master tournament were drawn yesterday on Community Live Stream.


  • Dynasty
  • Nova Esports
  • CSPG


  • SetToDestroyX
  • Hammers Esports
  • Gankstars

Group Stage is played on Saturday 23rd June. They will battle in a Best of One Group Phase. Four best teams will continue into single elimination semi-finals played in Best of Three format on Sunday 24th June.

In Mobile masters tournament, in the first time ever, Spectator Client will be seen in operation. Spectator Client provides viewers a complete overview of the match. It also helps shoutcasters commentate and create stories around the games. Viewers will have real-time information about the weapon composition and economy of both teams as well as player positioning on the map.

Tune in to see the action:

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