Rework of the Moderator System

We would like to announce that, after careful thought and consideration, we are overhauling our in-game moderator system.

Therefore, all the in-game moderator tags [M] will be removed starting today.

However, moderators will still be a big part of Critical Ops community. There will still be mods on Critical Ops Discord server, on the upcoming forum, and on Twitch. Mods are not going anywhere; their responsibilities will just change slightly.

In-game tags are a major distraction. It steals focus from actually playing and enjoying, the game. Moderators are bombarded with questions such as what is [M], how to get it, asking for cases and other not-so-relevant questions. This is rather distracting and has caused a lot of confusion among many players. The questions even occur outside of the game. Many people want to be moderators without fully understanding meaning and importance of this role. By renewing our systems, we want to direct people to the right channels to get help with game-related problems, get the latest information regarding C-OPS, get to know and communicate with fellow community members, look for clans, and share their creations and experiences. Community tournaments will be organised as usual. In the future tournaments require more planning and coordinating. It is possible to host events without moderator tags, it only takes more professional approach.

A Game that is scaling this fast, the current system cannot be sustained. Hence banning will happen automatically. Concern about hackers and cheaters is understandable, but we are continually improving game’s anti-cheat system. Banning a few people at a time is not worthwhile compared to an automated structure. As a result, moderators are able to narrow their duties and focus on more important things, such as helping a greater number of players more efficiently.

We would like to thank all former and current moderators for volunteering to help us in the Critical Ops community. We are truly thankful and happy to have had all of you helping us and shaping this community. Thank you! ♥