1.43.0 patch notes

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  • Character Models
  • Graphics Improvements
  • Skin Quality Settings
  • Changes in item Tags and Content Redistribution
  • Audio Options
  • Public Test Gamemodes
  • Ending support for certain Low End Devices

New Default Character Models

IMPORTANT: CHARACTER MODELS WILL NOT BE RELEASED IN 1.43.0 - New default characters will only be available during beta for early testing. We aim to collect feedback and consider releasing it to everyone in a future update.

We have reworked our default character models for both factions to upgrade the game’s visual look and to improve on animation and model related issues of the past.

  • New default character model for Coalition
  • New default character model for The Breach


New Character Models


Character Hitboxes

Developer Comments

We have overhauled the look and visibility of both character models, including both third and first-person assets. Their hitboxes have been adjusted to match more closely with the new body proportions. Both character models have identical hitboxes. We have also renewed all third-person animations to fit the new character models. This also means we are removing the old character models. The old default gloves have also been replaced and upgraded with their new counterparts.

Graphics Improvements

Weapon Skin Quality Improvements

Textures for weapon skins have been upgraded, resulting in improved light reflections and better surface detail. This change affects most modern skins released during 2023.


Developer Comments

Most of the new skins will now have better reflections and look more detailed. We have been busy working on various graphical improvements, and this is just one of them. In the future, there will be more visual upgrades, so stay tuned for more details.

Skin quality setting

You can control weapon and glove skin quality through the “Settings” -> “Graphics” -> “Skin quality” setting. This setting only affects how skins look in gameplay. Skins in the menu will be shown using the highest available quality for your device.


Developer Comments

Previously, there was a single setting for texture quality. That setting affected all textures in the game, but now they are separate. You can control the texture quality of maps using the old setting. Skin quality setting only affects how weapons and gloves look during gameplay.

Improved “Automatic” Graphics Quality

Automatic graphics settings will be adjusted to provide a more optimal experience based on the device you are using. If you use automatic graphics settings - it will pick the best possible settings with optimal framerate.

Developer Comments

We have been monitoring the performance of the game and made some adjustments to the mechanism that picks automatic settings. The main goal of this improvement is to increase framerate on low-end devices and improve graphical quality on high-end devices.

Unlocked Graphics Settings

Most of the graphics settings have been unlocked for all devices. Some low-end devices will still have specific settings disabled to prevent the game from crashing when too much memory is used.

Developer Comments

Now, you have more freedom in what settings you can choose for your device. You can increase graphics quality or reduce it to try to get a higher framerate by changing various graphics options. Some settings have a higher impact on framerate than others. We recommend using the “Automatic” graphics profile if you are not sure how these settings work.

Emblem Quality Improvements

Emblems have been improved to make them look more sharp and detailed. This affects all existing emblems.


Developer Comments

Previously, some highly detailed emblems looked a bit blurry due to how their textures were processed. Now, all textures will look a bit more detailed.

Changes in Item Tags and Content Redistribution

Originally, when we rolled out the item content tags, they were intended to be released with a major content restructuring that we had to postpone for multiple months due to development challenges. We are now rolling out this change ahead of a new set of content changes to be released in 2024 in preparation for those new features. We have also combined items into simpler collections, so, for example, all Nights of Horror skins are now known as a single collection instead of a number variant of each collection. We will be adding new labels in the future with new features.

Some items have also been upgraded to a higher rarity level, and we have redistributed this year’s previously released lucky spin content into case collections like we mentioned a few releases back when the new themed and seasonal cases rolled out. This is part of our efforts to bring you new and exciting features.

  • All animations are labeled as “Animation,” not according to a series like skins.
  • All emblems are labeled as “Emblem,” not according to a series like skins.
  • All old legacy “event cases “now have improved content pools that are based on the new collections. We urge all players who still carry old “event “cases to open them, as they will be force-opened at some point in the future and fully replaced with the new themed and seasonal cases.
  • Most recent Lucky Spin items will contain the label “Luck Spin” until distributed as part of a case collection after the Lucky Spin initial release.




Audio Options

Additional volume sliders have been added for various categories. Here is a list explaining each category:

  • Unchanged: master volume controls entire game audio.
  • Unchanged: music volume controls menu music, as well as victory screen music.
  • New: UI volume controls audio played in menus, such as button presses, menu transitions, etc.
  • New: announcer volume controls the voice announcing certain game events, such as “bomb planted,” “Coalition wins,” etc.
  • New: radio volume controls the voices from teammates as if turning down the volume on your portable radio. These include voice lines such as “planting bomb,” “popping a smoke,” “bomb has been planted on A, “etc. This does NOT include non-radio voices, such as pain sounds, death sounds, etc.
  • New: ping volume controls the sound effects played when using the ping marker system.
  • Changing volume sliders only affects what YOU hear, not what others hear. For example: you can have the ping volume set to 0% so that you do not hear the ping markers created by you or others, but other players will still hear ping markers if they have not set their ping volume to 0%.


Developer Comments

Take control over what you hear even more with the newly added volume sliders. Play around with the different volumes to see what fits your gameplay best!

Public Test Gamemodes

From now on, public test versions will primarily only have two game modes available for testing.

  • Public Test: Team Deathmatch
  • Public Test: Quick Defuse
  • Both modes have a bonus 25% XP activated during the beta period


Ending support for certain Low-End Devices

We have been proud to provide support and access to even the lowest tier of mobile devices in the game. For a while, due to technology moving forward, operating systems and other apps using more and more of device internal memory, and even the cheapest modern devices having at least 2 gigabytes of internal RAM memory, we have been investigating the need to support such low-end devices in our game. We found out that when technically the game runs on these devices, the gameplay quality and game stability do not reflect the bar of quality we strive for.

Ending support will allow us to increase our games’ graphical fidelity and visuals to be on par with other games in the genre and allow us to develop highly requested features to the game that were previously deemed too demanding for the devices we support.

  • Affects a very limited player base. Most players do not have to act on this at all.
  • When the support ends, players with devices that have 1 gigabyte or less system memory cannot install or update the game anymore with that device.
  • Removing support will allow us to create new, highly requested features for the game and upgrade the visuals of the game.



  • Fixed missing backside of ventilation cover in B long


  • Fixed movement on the ventilation covers in mid


  • Fixed crash when playing back audio of other players’ guns
  • Fixed loading screens sometimes remain visible even after loading is done
  • Fixed not being able to inspect knife after “firing” once when unlimited ammo is enabled
  • Fixed dry fire audio still playing at max volume, regardless of what master volume is set at
  • Fixed spawning without weapons in Elimination mode
  • Reduced shader memory usage