1.42.0 patch notes

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  • Input Method Feature
  • Anti-Cheat update


New Input Methods

We are excited to announce a public beta test of new input methods in Critical Ops. Now you can choose your input method between touch, mouse+keyboard, or gamepad. All players in beta can switch their preferred input method during gameplay.

Input method can be chosen in Settings -> Controls menu.


Various settings can be adjusted to customize your experience, such as remapping keyboard key bindings, mouse sensitivity, and gamepad acceleration profiles.

During gameplay, other players chosen input method is visible on the scoreboard. This information will also be shown in match history.

There will be no separate matchmaking for different input methods. However, tournaments can have restrictions on what input methods are allowed.

These new input methods are only available on mobile. Emulators are not supported and are not allowed to be used. Critical Ops is not releasing on PC.

Mouse and keyboard controls

System requirements for using mouse and keyboard:

  • Android 8.1+
  • iOS 14.5+ (Only iPads supported)
  • Mouse and keyboard controls are not supported on iPhone yet by Apple

You can use any combination of wired or Bluetooth devices. If the operating system recognizes your mouse and keyboard correctly, it should work in-game.

Both keyboard and mouse buttons can be remapped in settings.


The current status of your input device is shown in HUD, so if there is a connection problem - you will notice it immediately. Don’t forget to charge your Bluetooth devices before playing.

When spectating someone, you can see what input method they are using. You can also see that information from the scoreboard.


You can adjust mouse sensitivity and other settings. However, there is no aim assist setting - it is disabled for the mouse.


Gamepad controls

System requirements for using gamepads:

  • Android 8+
  • iOS 14.5+

Officially supported gamepads:

  • Dualshock 4 (PS4)
  • Dualsense (PS5)
  • Modern XBox One/Series controllers
  • Other gamepads are not officially supported, but they can work

Make sure your gamepad has up-to-date firmware. Otherwise, it might not work correctly. These gamepads can be connected to your phone via cable or Bluetooth.

Gamepad buttons and sticks can also be remapped to fit your play style.


In addition to sensitivity settings, we provide different types of aim response curves.

  • Linear aim response does not have any acceleration when aiming. When you deflect, the aiming stick character starts to rotate at a constant speed. Rotation speed is based on how much you deflect the stick. This mode might take a while to get used to as it requires a lot of precision when aiming.
  • Standard aim response curve provides gradual acceleration when aiming. As you deflect the stick, your character starts to rotate faster and faster. This mode is good for you if you need to get used to precise aiming on the gamepad.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do the alternate input methods work?

  • A: You can use a converter dongle, USB cable, or Bluetooth to connect your preferred device (controller, keyboard, mouse) to your mobile device! Some controllers might not work as intended due to Unity limitations.

Q: Does this mean Critical Ops will come to other platforms?

  • A: Currently, the game is only for mobile platforms (Android/iOS). However, we do want to keep our options open for the future.

Q: How will you ensure the balance between different inputs?

  • A: We will analyze the performance data between different input methods and adjust accordingly. We have also run tests to ensure every player is on the same level.

Q: If a keyboard and mouse are now a feature in the game, can I play with an emulator?

  • A: No, the state of third-party software has not changed, and emulators are still forbidden.

Q: How will the esports balance between 3 different control schemes?

  • A: We cannot affect how community tournaments are run, but for our official events, we only allow touch controls for now. This might change in the future.

Developer Comments

We are happy to announce that this feature is finally available in beta. Touch controls might be challenging for players who are not used to them. That’s why having other options is good. We also want to introduce Critical Ops to audiences, and this feature is a step towards that.

For multiple months, we tested and improved controls and settings to make it comfortable for all players. We focused on making all three input types balanced and will continue making adjustments to provide fair and balanced gameplay.

Anti-cheat improvements

Critical Ops Anti-cheat has received multiple improvements that should result in faster detection of cheaters. New systems were added to increase the safety of tournaments and ranked games.

Many systems are working together to ensure fair play in Critical Ops. Cheaters are getting banned in regular banwaves every day. With each year, there are fewer cheaters and fewer bans.

  • In 2020, the reporting and banwave system received upgrades that allowed us to react quickly to new cheats being released
  • In 2021, there have been multiple improvements on the server side, making it easier to detect suspicious player behavior
  • In 2022, the Critical Ops Anti-cheat team hired a new specialist, and multiple improvements were made to Android and iOS cheat detection
  • In 2023, new anti-cheat sub-systems were introduced that helped detect previously undetected cheats

As a result of the reduced amount of cheaters, the amount of reports has dropped accordingly. Fewer players are being reported for cheating, and reports are more accurate.

Developer Comments

We are grateful to our community for helping us combat cheaters. It has been a massive effort from everyone on the team and our players. Accurate player reports helped us identify cheats that had previously been undetected. Unfortunately, no system is hackproof, and it is a constant battle for us and many other game developers. Due to the nature of anti-cheat, we cannot share more details about how it works.

Not only cheaters are getting banned, but also those who actively party with them and cause unfair gameplay by abusing unintentional game mechanics.

Our main priority always was to ensure safe and fair gameplay for our players without unjustified punishments. In the new year, we will continue refining our systems and making it harder for cheaters to cheat.


  • Memory usage optimizations for low-end devices
  • Ui Updates, Added hover states to hub buttons
  • Fixed an issue where at times players were not able to see their friends in social menu