1.37.0 patch notes

1.37.0 is now LIVE and available on both Android and iOS


Friend and Clan Member Activity Information

You can now see when your friend or clan member was last online. This information is visible on the friend list or clan members list.

  • The information is displayed in four levels of granularity
    • Online recently means the player was active within the past two days
    • Played (2 - 30) days ago
    • Played over a month ago, 30 - 60 days
    • Played (2 - 12) months ago, 60 - 360 days
    • Played over a year ago, 360 days


Developer’s Comments

This feature was a popular request from players to help with friends and clan members management. It allows players to evaluate better who to keep and who to remove. We decided to avoid providing exact times and defined broader time scales. Noteworthy, the information is visible to all clan members. There is an argument to be made that it is only relevant to clan leaders.

Match-End Sequence

We improved the match end sequence by streamlining player performance information.

  • Cleaned up the match end sequence by eliminating non-essential match information
  • Added the ability to play the same game mode again
  • Exiting the match is now an intentional action by the player
  • When the party leader chooses to continue, all party members will join the next match together


Important note

  • The ability to play the same game mode again without visiting the lobby will be available sometime after release once we conclude our testing period.

Developer’s Comments

The new flow is more informative and engaging and enables replayability. We wanted to encourage players to continue playing and enjoy the thrill of the game rather than having to navigate back to the main menu and select the mode every time. We hope all players enjoy the new user flow

Post-Match Summary

Addressing the connection between your match performance, XP gained, and rewards, all on a single screen.

  • After a match, the summary screen will display the player’s performance, including statistics such as kills, deaths, assists, and other relevant metrics.
  • It displays the player’s total XP gained from the matches.
  • It displays the player’s progress and any rewards they are unlocking in the Operation Pass.
  • The summary screen provides the exact Ranked Matchmaking Rating necessary for promotion and demotion.



Important note

  • The post-match summary will only be available to some players when the 1.37.0 releases. Everyone will continue to receive all their progression, rewards, and statistics.

Developer’s Comments

Players can use the summary screen to understand what they must do to improve their game and how they can continue earning rewards.

New custom game options

We are delighted to release our new custom game rework. We have enabled a lot of new customization options for the core modes. Now you can adjust things like your own economy, change some win conditions and explore new opportunities for making your own fun. Do note that some old options might not exist anymore due to the reworks, but we will be working on new features for the custom games.

We have also enabled your basic ability to host some event game modes, such as the fan favorites like Manhunt & Defend. These modes have limited options for customizing the experience, and we would like to see what options you would like to have in the future!

We have also made a hosting mode for Tournaments called “Tournament mode,” this mode has all the rules matching our ranked defuse and our official tournament rules, so players don’t have to set anything. Select how many players and rounds you want and click host; it’s that easy!

For now, custom games only offer English translations. Localizations for other languages will be coming in a future update once we are happy with the base settings, so expect more changes in the future!



Developer’s Comments

Since we started our game mode reworks in 2020, we have been aiming to update our custom games experience. Now we finally have some tools to bring you more new experiences.

Updated audio settings

Added the possibility to adjust master volume as well as music volume.

  • Removed the toggle for audio (use a master slider instead)
  • Added a slider to adjust the music volume. This also affects victory screen music.


Developer’s Comments

While some event background songs are absolute bangers, we realize that sometimes you want to take that down a notch. We have now revised the audio settings to include a slider for music. This slider will affect any music in the game (that includes victory screen music as well). In the future, we’ll be able to add even more options regarding audio.

Safe areas added to game UI

The safe area component renders the content within the safe area boundaries of a device and leaves nice padding on the device’s screen edges related to UI content. Added the safe area component on a few more menus that were left out on previous work or implementation:

  • Profile menu
  • Commands menu.
  • Inbox menu.
  • Delete the account menu.
  • Name change popup.
  • Landing page or title screen.
  • Login popup.

Map updates

All maps

  • Updated a lot of assets to higher visual fidelity
  • Updated and/or added more reverb for a more immersive audio experience
  • Added different bullet impact sounds for weak metal and weak wood objects
  • Updated UI to reflect the current state of the maps (loading screen and history thumbnails)
  • Optimized minor things under the hood


  • Fixed several bomb-stuck spots


  • Added colliders to smoothen out crouching near walls


  • Fixed a death spot in the Breach spawn area


  • Fixed a gap to the void
  • Fixed bomb-stuck spots
  • Fixed issue where a transparent texture would become opaque on the lowest graphics settings
  • Added colliders specifically for thrown items (frag, flash, smoke) in the garden area and A site
  • Updated how characters appear on the victory screen
  • Added something important…


  • Added colliders to smoothen out crouching near walls
  • Updated how characters appear on the victory screen


  • Added an accessible catwalk to the courtyard area


  • Changed colliders on several objects to improve bullet penetration
  • Added colliders to mitigate exploits


  • Improved performance


  • Separated ledges near stairs so that the top part can be penetrable


  • Updated courtyard bomb site to reflect changes made to Gallery
  • Added something important…


  • Fixed stuck spots


  • Redesigned B site (although not majorly)
  • Added cover underneath the big sign in mid
  • Fixed some missing geometry outside the playable area
  • Fixed bomb-stuck spots
  • Improved performance


  • Updated the in-game minimap


  • Fixed bomb-stuck spots


  • Fixed bomb-stuck spots
  • Changed colliders on several objects to improve bullet penetration
  • Updated non-playable area


  • Added something important…


  • Fixed death spots
  • Fixed bomb-stuck spots
  • Updated how characters appear on the victory screen


  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Fixed missing audio on door opening
  • Updated car explosion cinematic

Developer’s Comments

Certain maps will now look better than before. And not only that, there will be some non-visual changes as well! Make sure to check out every single map to see (and hear) what has changed. We’ll keep improving the maps to maximize the game experience. Thank you, our community, for reporting issues and providing other feedback related to maps.


  • Fixed missing sounds when buying armor.
  • Fixed missing sound when equipping items in loadout.
  • Fixed scoreboard desync when reconnecting to the game.
  • Fixed being unable to claim more than one Ranked Reward at a time.
  • Fixed the weapon quick switch not working after throwing a grenade.
  • Fixed ping markers being visible while flash banged.
  • Fixed some weapon inspect sounds continuing to play after the animation is canceled.
  • Fixed bots not using TDM spawns in custom practice mode.
  • Fixed Operation Pass items appearing in the wrong order when scrolling.
  • Fixed Sanguine knife lighting issues on some maps.
  • Fixed weapon clipping issues in Ranked Rewards menu.