1.30.0 patch notes

1.30.0 is now LIVE both on Android and iOS.

Cross-Team Chat Disabled For Ranked Defuse

We’re bringing you three improvements to address toxicity as a continuous effort to improve the competitive experience and our overall game experience.
First up, Cross-Team Chat is now disabled in Ranked Defuse.


Feature information:

  • Typing is disabled in the “All” tab in the Chat Window.
  • Disable Cross-Team Chat toggle was added to Custom Room options.

Developer’s comments

Since Ranked was first released, both teams have communicated with each other. Over the years, the benefits of such open communication brought some deterioration to the Ranked experience.
This small change will eliminate some cross-team distractions and let players entirely focus on playing their best.

Mute Other Players Via The Player Profile

The second and most significant improvement is the ability to mute other players while in a room. This is a local mute, so it only affects you.


Feature information:

  • Mute/Unmute button added to Player Profile
  • Muting: You can no longer see messages from the muted player.
  • Unmute: You will see messages sent by the player.
  • Mute status is reset once you leave the room.
  • Muted player can’t bypass the mute by re-joining the room.
  • Added an icon to the muted players emblem so you can see who you have muted
  • System messages will be displayed in Chat to notify you of the muting status.

Developer’s comments

Another highly requested feature is here! Someone is annoying you or being a bother?
Well, now you can mute them. Only for yourself, obviously.

Hide Player Rank, Rating, Statistics, Player Level During Ranked Matches

The third improvement to Ranked. Player Profile Statistics (Player Level, Rating, Rank, and Statistics) are not visible to other players in Ranked Defuse. They are available at the end of the match.


Feature information:

Unknown Player Profile Statistics are hidden until the end of Ranked Defuse.
Unknown Players include:

  • Players who are not friends with you
  • Statistics are not hidden for players who are “known”
    • Yourself
    • Friends
    • Clan members

Developer’s comments

We have seen the increasing behavior of checking everyone’s statistics at the beginning of a Ranked match. This in itself is not bad; however, players usually check this to verify the legitimacy of their opponents and or matchmaking, which generally changes one’s attitude towards the worse.

With this in mind, you will no longer be able to check on other’s player’s profiles until the end of the match. This, in turn, will keep your chin up and ready for the match.
Give it your all! Focus on the game.

NEW MAP: Village

Due to memory consumption the new DEFUSE map “Village” will come in a future update.
We have been doing our best to investigate and lower the memory used during testing. However, we still require more time to meet our standards for quality.

We hope to release the Village soon as possible!




Developer’s comments

The Village takes place in Turkey. The Breach is surprised by an infiltrating Coalition team. The Coalition must either secure the ruins filled with artifacts or grab hold of the Breach’s supply stashed at a nearby market. The Breach has no time to safeguard neither the artifacts nor the supplies and decide they will make the sacrifice by targeting the ruins or the market to ensure the Coalition cannot obtain either of these.

This time around, there will be more verticality to the map. You’ll be looking up and down more in comparison to other defuse maps. Not to mention there will be low enough buildings to give you enough opportunities to utilize all thoseā€¦ utilities.

Shoutout to all the people involved in helping us create this new map.

Reworked report system

  • Limited number of report reasons to 1 per reported player

Developer’s comments

We overhauled reporting system under the hood to make it more accurate and reliable. Now, as a player, you can report other players for only one reason per match. Report reasons stayed the same: Hacking, Griefing, Verbal abuse, and Idling.

The overhaul was done to address issues with the old system, which was vulnerable to player abuse. Previously some players reported violating players using all four report reasons simultaneously in cases where only one reason would have been enough.
Also, some players abused our reporting system by falsely reporting legitimate players. Abusing has affected our internal moderation process by increasing the load on our moderators, who had to review player activity for all possible reasons.

The reporting system is essential for our game - it helps our team notice dangerous trends and cases of abuse early. When it comes to fighting cheaters, the report system helps us catch some of them in cases where our anti-cheat system is ineffective or too slow to react.
Reporting system combined with anti-cheat and logging and replay systems ensures that every cheater will eventually get banned even if they cheated for a short time or tried to hide cheating in any way.

We are very grateful to our players who help us keep the game running smoothly by combating cheating, griefing, and other types of abuse.

Hit particles adjusted

  • Big red particles have been removed, which blocked the target when landing shots

Developer’s comments

We’re still evaluating enforcing hit particles for all players. Having players experiencing discrepancies while seeing the same action is a concern we would like to address.