1.28.0 patch notes

1.28.0 is now LIVE both on Android and iOS.


  • Bureau reworked.





Developer’s comments

Bureau takes its turn for rework. As a reminder: a rework entails that the original map will be rebuilt into a newer, better looking map with improved gameplay. Additionally it means that the map is also suitable for more drastic rebalancing in the future, in case that would be necessary.

We have again teamed up with players from the community to ensure the core of Bureau remains intact, while improving everything else. There may be some changes that you will have to get used to and experience in 1.28 beta and after that in live version of C-OPS.
We will, of course, monitor the feedback regarding these changes and improve Bureau (and other maps) even more in the future.


  • Division rebalanced.





Developer’s comments

Division was one of the earliest Team Deathmatch maps that was introduced to C-OPS. It was designed and built with standards from years ago, while exploring how to translate Team Deathmatch into a playable map.
This first iteration of Division worked well enough for the older standards, but the time has arrived to update and rebalance Division!
This iteration will look better, play better and fit better with the reworked Bureau as well.


  • Updated ambient audio in all maps, including Tutorial.
  • Removed option to disable ambient audio.
    • Ambient audio is enabled by default.

Developer’s comments

All maps have been undergoing (visual) updates over the course of time, but they were not heard as much as they were seen. We felt that ambient audio should be part of gameplay with the added benefit of making the maps feel more alive.
In this update we have updated the ambient audio in all maps and removed the option to disable ambient audio. These changes were tested and verified by players from the community.

This will be the first major improvement done to (ambient) audio and we will monitor feedback for future improvements.



  • Fixed death spot in narrow area next to tarp in Breach side.


  • Fixed several bomb stuck spots.
  • Fixed some walls having graphical artifacts.
  • Fixed more raining inside.
  • Slightly repositioned some lanterns to make movement smoother.


  • Minor lighting tweaks.


  • Fixed escalators in Breach spawn being penetrable.
  • Minor lighting tweaks.
  • Fixed a death spot in news area.
  • Fixed a few spots where bomb could get stuck.
  • Fixed very small gaps under the feet of the statues.

Developer’s comments

And then there are some map updates to improve the gameplay.
Most noteworthy is that, with these fixes, Legacy can and will return to Ranked map pool!

Block Clan Requests

  • Introduced a new Block Clan Requests setting to the Options (General tab).


Developer’s comments

You can now toggle Block Clan Request to prevent other players from sending you clan invitations.