1.27.0 patch notes



For Ranked Season 6, we’re improving on Ranked Rewards. Our goal is to spice up the rewards for each Rank and keep them from interfering with competitive play.

The New Ranked Rewards will come in a future update, not in the 1.27 update.


New Ranked Rewards.

  • Unique skins per Rank. All of these skins will be for different weapons.
  • Win requirements are counted from your current Rank and Ranks below.

Developer’s Comments:

We’re addressing an exploit where some players were throwing matches and receiving demotions on purpose to farm wins. No-no, not anymore.

We’re also bringing some extra flavor to Ranked Rewards. One unique weapon skin for each Rank. All of these skins are for different weapons.


  • Fixed death spots in Bureau
  • Fixed raining inside the cafe in Canals
  • Fixed snowing inside the building in Grounded
  • Fixed bright characters in specific places in Hangar
  • Fixed boats having dark insides in Shanty
  • Fixed bright characters in specific places in Soar
  • Fixed issue resulting a kick from the room in Port


  • Fixed gyro setting toggle bug and corrected gyro sensitivity
  • Readded Port to the Ranked map pool