1.22.0 patch notes

1.22.0 is now on LIVE both on Android and iOS.

Ranked Season 4


With Ranked Season 4 starting soon, we made improvements to our Ranked Matchmaking System. In that spirit, it is all about making the matchmaking system consistently fair and more enjoyable.

Ranked Season 4 will start once 1.22 is LIVE, please update to the new game version in order to play Ranked!

Matchmaking changes
You will no longer be able to play Ranked if the Rank among party members is too far apart. For example, a Spec Ops can not play Ranked if there is a Gold in the party.

This also applies to who you can play against. For example, as a Spec Ops, you can be matched with players from Diamond, Master, Elite Ops and other Spec Ops. Naturally, this also applies to lower Ranks. As a Diamond 3, matchmaking will go as low as Gold 3-4 and as high as Master 1-2.

Be aware that these changes might lead to longer queue times.

Addressing long queue times
Regional Matchmaking allows you to find matches within your chosen region, at the potential cost of longer queue times. If you have Regional Matchmaking enabled and a certain amount of time has passed while queueing, the party leader will be prompted to momentarily disable Regional Matchmaking in order to find matches in other regions. Other party members will get a notification if the party leader accepts this prompt.

If you are still sitting in queue after all this time, we will go one step further and give the choice to play against anyone, without rank limitations.
You will be matched against other players who have opted in to play against without rank limitations.








Developer’s comments:
A new Defuse map, Soar, is set on a building rooftop and will be immediately available in all relevant map pools. Soar supports all game modes.

The Breach arrives on the restaurant floor of the hotel. To make a statement they can target the main attraction (the restaurant) or target the landing platform to prevent more Coalition from being called in for back-up. However, the Coalition was already able to drop in a team beforehand and are defending the key targets of the Breach.

Gameplay wise Soar features a grand open outdoor area where most of the conflicts will take place. However, getting into the restaurant will create more close quarters combat situations, while the routes outdoor towards the bomb targets are more catered for assault rifles and sniper rifles. Using utilities wisely will help you win the rounds due to big amount of possibilities and angles to bounce them off of.

The development of Soar was aided by a group of players, ranging from competitive to casual level. This way we were able to finetune the core layout as well as finding bugs (and fixing those) before Soar even saw the light of day. We are grateful to those who helped us out in creating Soar, thank you!

New Play menu


We have reworked how the Play menu works. This change will allow you to access all the game modes more conveniently no matter what you are looking for.

Play menu now features tabs on the left side.

  • Featured: Contains our featured, ranked and event game modes.
  • Practice mode: contains all our practice game modes.
  • Custom games: contains all options related to joining and hosting player created games.


  • Game mode list is now scroll-able and the cards have been made bigger.
  • Skullhunter now features 2 modes in the same card.
    • Press the game mode card to reveal Solo-, and Duo options.
    • Return to previous view by tapping anywhere on the screen.
  • Being in a party as well as the size of the party affects the available game modes.
    • Unsupported modes will be locked/disabled when you enter the play menu.

Skullhunter is evolving


  • Added Duo-mode to Skullhunter.

In 1.21 we introduced Skullhunter, our Free for All based game mode. Now in 1.22 it is time to team up. Skullhunter will now feature Duo-mode that allows you to team up with your friend in a party. Rules are the same, maps are the same, but now it is you and your team mate versus multiple duo teams. It is possible to enter Duo-mode alone. In these cases you will get a random teammate or be solo.

Game mode information

  • 4 teams of 2 players, 8 players in total.
  • Select weapons each time you respawn.
  • Game mode contains revamped leaderboard and emblems to show the top team.

Win conditions

  • Team that gets to kill gap first wins the match or…
  • Team with the most kills when time runs out wins the match.

Developer’s comments:
We have been working on the game mode tooling and are now able to bring you an official Duo team based game mode where you and your friend get to team up as a party. Enter the battle against other duo teams in a 2v2v2v2 game mode.

Skullhunter Solo-, and Duo will both feature a new and improved user interface that showcases your emblems as part of the leaderboard. We wanted to bring more value to selecting an emblem that represents you. We also had to create a new user interface that can support multiple teams.

We are monitoring your feedback carefully as we develop new game modes. We can not wait to see who you will team up with to showcase your skills on the leaderboards.

Store improvements


  • GET CASES section visuals were improved.
  • Purchase button and case amount slider has been moved.
  • Case content preview is no longer available in the OPEN CASES section.

New case opening experience




In 1.22 we will be upgrading the case opening experience. Now there are more fun ways to interact with the cases to open them. You can tap, swipe or use the quick open button to open up to 5 cases at once.

Feature breakdown

  • Up to 5 cases can be placed in the scene and opened at the same time.
  • Tap and/or swipe cases multiple times to open them.
  • Cases will require different amounts of actions to open them which depends on the tier of the item inside.
  • Actions will indicate tier of the case content by colors and sound effects with each action building suspense before the case opens.
  • Weapon type and the actual skin will be revealed after the case opens.
  • Tap on the revealed weapon to preview it on full screen.

Additional information

  • Quick open button to open cases faster.
  • Step for converting duplicate skins into blue tokens or event tokens during events.
  • Improved weapon preview, now in full screen. Also applies to Lucky Spin previews.
  • Some old cases have been visually changed to work better in the new opening experience.

Developer’s comments:
It is time to open cases with the new and improved case opening experience. We wanted to make opening cases feel more rewarding and special. We hope you have a lot of fun with this one. We can not wait to see all those cool case opening videos.

Weapon skin improvements

Weapon skins were updated for all the weapons. We aim to get our weapons to look as realistic as possible. These improvements will bring us closer to that goal.









Developer’s comments:
All weapon skins have been updated to use physics based rendering materials. This means that for example metal parts look like metal and wood looks like wood.


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