1.20.0 patch notes

1.20.0 is now available both on Android and iOS.

Map Updates

Global changes

  • New occlusion system, fixed many reported “objects disappearing” glitches.
  • More objects are now penetrable.
  • Improvements to the underlying tech, aimed towards better performance.
  • Glass now properly adheres to aim assist and spotting.
  • Improved player collision, for example less stuck spots.
  • Fixed the majority of reported bomb stuck spots.
  • Consistent colors and lighting, regardless of quality level.
  • Characters will now stand out a bit more (see picture).
    • Their rim color is now more visible, with the exception of Purify.



  • All crates are now penetrable.
  • Improved lighting overall.


  • Low walls and other objects (including the tree) are now penetrable.
  • Improved spawn positions.


  • More objects are now penetrable, for example the green tarps.
  • Revised inaccessible exterior area (see picture).



  • No major changes aside from the ones mentioned as global changes.


  • All stairs are now accessible again.
  • Changes to bomb site A (see picture).
  • Replaced crates with new ones.
  • Changes to bomb site B (see picture).
    • Replaced crates with new ones.
  • Changes to cafe.
    • Changed colliders, some tables/chairs are now accessible.
  • Changes to mid.
    • Added a metal sheet (penetrable) to trash bins near the stairs, to block visibility while on stairs.
    • Added a metal sheet (penetrable) next to the car on the bridge, to block visibility from Coalition to upper catwalk.
    • Changed objects on the boat.




  • Revised spawn positions (there are no longer spawn positions in the center area).


  • Fixed death spot when jumping out of vents.
  • Courtyard now resembles Legacy’s courtyard even more.


  • Changes to bomb site A (see picture).
    • Wagon is now penetrable (as well as any other wagon in the map).
    • Wagon is lit more, to improve visibility.
  • Changes to bomb site B (see picture).
    • Removed colliders from CRTF vehicles on B site.
    • Closed the gap underneath the airplane on B site.
  • Objects are repositioned in a mid and b mid (see picture).
  • There are now roofs, where there were no roofs before. Throughout the whole map.
  • Fixed several misplaced objects that originally resulted in unintended visibility gaps.
  • Revised inaccessible exterior area.
  • It is no longer possible to stand on top of the flight information screen.
  • Plants no longer have collisions, so that bullets and grenades will pass through.





  • Improved lighting.
  • Removed a few balconies to improve player collision.


  • Removed the entire subway route from Breach spawn to restaurant (see picture).
  • Changes to reception (entrance for Breach).
    • Less object density.
  • Changes to restaurant (see picture).
    • Seating area is no longer blocked off.
    • Closed off entrance to subway.
  • Changes to glass (between restaurant and bomb site B).
    • Closed vents that originally lead to subway entrance.
  • Changes to museum (hallway to bomb site A).
    • Fixed bomb stuck spots.
  • Changes to stair room (see picture).
  • Revised bomb site A (see picture).
    • Slanted roof now has a smooth player collision.
    • Removed barrier from top.
    • Improved lighting.
  • Revised bomb site B.
    • All bigger statues now have pedestals.
    • Some objects were slightly moved.






  • Changed the trees and repositioned them.
  • Revised the inaccessible area.



  • Improved lighting, especially in dark alleyways (see picture).
  • Removed some balconies, to improve player collision.
  • Changes to bomb site B (see picture).
    • Stalls no longer have a tiny gap.
    • Van underneath the house balconies is replaced by stalls.
    • Added a small wall near the stairs.
    • Crates are replaced by a new one.
    • Removed balconies in the corner next to the church, to improve player collision.
    • House is slightly changed and now features a bed!




  • Revised the inaccessible area (see picture).
  • Improved lighting.
  • Revised bomb site A (see picture).
  • Revised bomb site B (see picture).





  • Additional tunnels are now open (see pictures).
  • Added an additional bomb site.
  • Moved bomb site A.
  • More objects added throughout the map.




  • Improved player collision throughout the whole map.
  • Fixed a majority of bomb stuck spots.
  • Revised Breach spawn area.
  • Revised bomb site A (see picture).
  • Revised bomb site B (see picture).
  • Revised Coalition spawn area (see picture).
  • Changed Coalition to mid entrance.
  • Boiler entrance has been moved (see picture).






  • Improved player collision throughout the whole map.

Changes were made to all the maps, including tutorial. The amount of changes differ per individual map and can be in gameplay, visuals and/or performance.

Developer’s Comments:

This is the first major map update coming to C-OPS. The main reason for these map updates are to address issues in terms of bugs, performance and gameplay improvements. You can expect more map updates in the future, as well as these map updates to be more frequent.

Many bugs that were reported have been resolved now and there are a bunch of gameplay changes here and there, where some are bigger than others. Also we have been developing these updates in close collaboration with a select group of players (for example competitive players), to ensure that these changes are for the better.

Of course we would like to hear your feedback as well! Thank you for all the reported bugs and other feedback so far.

Game mode rework and new game mode

With 1.19 we started a major game mode tool rework that will allow us to create more interesting game modes in the future. With 1.20 we will be continuing this rework and will release a new game mode as part of the next event.

Custom Game Commands improvements

  • Freeze is now a special command.
  • Command messages are now kept in the chat

Developer’s Comments:

We learned that having the freeze command as a normal command was not very helpful in rooms that did not have special commands on. After your feedback we made the freeze command to be a special command instead.

The command messages are now also improved. The updated behavior of the command messages is that they will now remain in the chat log if they were successfully performed. This means that you can easily keep track of who performed which command. The previous behavior was that only failed commands would remain in the chat. We feel that having a log of successfully executed commands is more valuable, for a multitude of reasons.


  • Banned players now have a disclaimer label in their profile.
  • Banned players cannot join a party.
  • Ranked gamemode requires 250 kills in QUICK games (Deathmatch, Defuse, Gungame, Event mode) to enter.