Patch 0.9.10 notes






Developer comment:

Raid is the next new defuse map for Critical Ops. Aside from Defuse it will also support Team Deathmatch and Gun Game. Raid features an outside bomb area (A) and an indoor bomb site (B). Both of the teams spawn outside the main building, opposite of each other. The name Raid is to indicate that CT’s are performing a surprise raid on the T’s. The T’s use this location as hideout and storage to store materials which are used for terrorist acts.

Level designer’s overall intention with Raid was to enhance player communication and collaboration by trying to make the teams rely more on intel and usage of tactical equipment (smoke/flash/grenade), rather than just aiming/rushing skills. The level designer wanted to keep the number of options and pathway as small as possible. Both bombsites have the maximum of three entrances and the core layout is quite simplistic. Also, the bombsites are quite closely connected and Raid features ’levelled’ gameplay by having a tunnel underneath mid. Raid will feel more ’outside’ versus previous maps, and this is fully intentional. I kept the walls low and did not segment the outdoor areas. This should allow for more interesting usage of tactical equipment. There should be enough opportunities to do some trick throwing and I am sure players will surprise me. In Raid I also tried to keep every weapon type into account: there should be enough sniper areas, shotgun areas, SMG areas, assault rifle areas, etc, hopefully players will be able to enjoy Raid with any weapon type.

Aside from the gameplay and visuals, this map also will be a benchmark for future performance in other maps, as it was made using new tools and methods to try and increase performance as much as possible. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s already shown interesting results and it’s definitely something that at some point in the future can be applied to existing and new maps.


  • Team Deathmatch timer increased from 5 minutes to 8 minutes
  • Defuse rounds required to win from 4 to 6 (From best out of 7 to best out of 11)
  • Defuse starting cash decreased to $ 800 from $ 1200

Developer comment:

With the release of Quick Matches, we wanted to introduce game modes where you can hop-in and play 5-10 minute matches. However, after reviewing statistics and player feedback, we felt that our players prefer longer matches especially when it comes to Team Deathmatch. With the changes mentioned above, we believe that we now offer a good alternative to Custom Games for those players who enjoy TDM as it is in Custom Games. The Quick Match Defuse is now a good option for those players who still prefer a shorter Defuse compared to the longer Ranked and Custom variants.


AK 47

Minor recoil increase

XD. 45

Increased damage drop off range

Developer comment:

In the previous patch, we introduced major weapon changes and these additional changes are a follow-up to that. After monitoring the effects of the previous changes, we felt that AK47 was still too obvious to pick and too easy to handle for its price. The additional change is minor and is not as notable as the previous change to AK. With XD .45 we felt that the damage increase at low range didn’t feel as notable as initially intended as the effective range was quite narrow. By increasing the drop off the range, XD .45 should feel powerful at the lower range and maintain it’s effectiveness in a longer range.


  • FIXED spawning with AK 47 + P250 for the first time in Quick Play TDM when joining an ongoing match
  • iOS 120 FPS support (on respective devices)
  • Flashbang synced
  • Loading time optimisation
  • FIXED crash when receiving a notification on Android 8.0+