Operation Frontier


Introducing Operation Frontier. The Breach discovered intel about a new heavily armed Coalition base and decided to launch an attack to disrupt Coalition activity in the region. All indication points to a new map. Where could this be located?


The new Operation Frontier includes +50 exclusive skins and plenty of other rewards. We are delivering what you have repeatedly been asking from us. Operation Frontier introduces a new way to experience the core progression of Critical Ops with more value for your time and a bit of lore sprinkled in the mix.

Are you up for the challenge? Conquer the new Battle Pass format and add all the exclusive skins to your collection.


  • Get back 2000 credits
  • Exclusive weapon skins for each weapon
  • Exclusive Knife and Glove combos
  • First ever KSG shotgun skin!
  • Free rewards and much more!



Operation Frontier will run from 25.10.2022 till 20.12.2022

Operation Frontier costs 2000 credits. An active operation pass is required to claim and collect premium rewards. Free rewards can be claimed and collected without an active operation pass!

Best of luck Operative!