New weapon balance changes — hit or miss

AK Weapon Balance


Assault rifles


Increase spread (lower accuracy) while moving and jumping with Assault Rifles

AK 47

Increased recoil


XD. 45

Increase damage at lower range, enforce the weapon characteristic: High fire rate and high damage at close range

Developer comments: Assault Rifles have been powerful weapon of choice for a ‘Run&Gun’ situations and we wanted to enforce different play style for assault rifles. This is why assault rifles’ accuracy while moving and jumping have now been reduced. We believe that this is a welcome change, which will allow more strategical options for the players when choosing weapons. AK 47 has been too obvious pick for its price and due to it being easy to handle. Increasing the recoil forces players to recover from recoil between shots or improve their mastery of the recoil pattern in order to make accurate shots. With increased recoil for AK and the assault rifle changes mentioned above, the other assault rifles should now be feasible options when compared to AK.

XD.45 hasn’t been a viable option when compared to the other available pistols. Because of this we now increased its damage to make it a viable option, especially for close range situations. The price increase for M14 and GSR 1911 were made to universalize the prices with the other weapons and the cash rewards.


GSR 1911

Price increased from $ 450 to $ 500


Price increased from $ 4750 to $ 4800

XD Weapon Balance

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