Input method feature announcement


Input method feature announcement - coming in 1.4X.0

Critical Ops is entering a new era of mobile gaming, accessible to everyone! Play your preferred way!

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on a feature that will introduce multiple input method options for everyone to play Critical Ops with. The options will be 1. Touchscreen, 2. Controller/Gamepad, 3. Keyboard and Mouse.

The new input method feature lets you choose your preferred control scheme, offering greater flexibility and customization. Whether you are a console enthusiast looking for a console-like experience, a PC gamer who thrives on the precision of mouse and keyboard controls, or a touchscreen professional whose thumbs glide over the screen, this feature caters to your needs.

We aim to give everyone the tools to utilize gamepads for a more tactile and console-like experience, complete with analog stick control for smooth movement and precise aiming, as well as precise and rapid response for mouse and keyboard enjoyers. Critical Ops aims to provide an optimized and fluid gaming experience with all control schemes and accessibility for everyone who enjoys FPS gaming.



The introduction of the input method feature aims to balance the playing field and promote fair competition within the game. With the ability to choose your preferred control scheme, players can now compete on equal footing, regardless of their preferred input method. Get ready to face off against opponents from all schemes!

To ensure balanced gameplay between all control schemes, we have disabled aim assist when playing with a mouse and keyboard and increased the aim assist when playing with a controller. Touch controls remain the same. All adjustments will be made to mimic the performance of touch controls.


In the scoreboard you can see which control scheme player uses.


Currently, the feature is in development, and we will inform the community as soon as it goes on BETA. We hope that as many players will join the BETA test and give their feedback so the feature can be as good as possible when we release it!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do the alternate input methods work?

  • A: You can use a converter dongle, USB cable, or Bluetooth to connect your preferred device (controller, keyboard, mouse) to your mobile device! Some controllers might not work as intended due to Unity limitations.

Q: Does this mean Critical Ops will come to other platforms?

  • A: Currently, the game is only for mobile platforms (Android/iOS). However, we do want to keep our options open for the future.

Q: How will you ensure the balance between different inputs?

  • A: We will analyze the performance data between different input methods and adjust accordingly. We have also run tests to ensure every player is on the same level.

Q: If a keyboard and mouse are now a feature in the game, can I play with an emulator?

  • A: No, the state of third-party software has not changed, and emulators are still forbidden.

Q: How will the esports balance between 3 different control schemes?

  • A: We cannot affect how community tournaments are run, but for our official events, we only allow touch controls for now. This might change in the future.