Esports Press Release 2024



HELSINKI, FINLAND, MONDAY 26th of February, 2024 - The Critical Ops Esports team has released their Competitive Roadmap 2024 to present a year full of community tournaments to focus on grassroots Esports while maintaining their Majors to showcase the elite players of the game. This year the esports team mentions that they will be focusing more on helping the game with more in-game changes. They will be letting their partner Mobile Esports and other community organizer leaders like Polaris do what they do best: host fun and competitive tournaments for the players of Critical Ops.

Polaris will be hosting a Spring and Summer Tournament, and Mobile Esports will be bringing their expertise and hosting Pro League Globals and Worlds.

In the Coliseum, Community Matchmaking will allow players to meet other players who are interested in competition. The matchmaking will be followed by Cups, Community Organizer Tournaments, Golden Ox, and Official Majors.

Going into 2024, all Majors will be moving to open formats to allow more teams to participate. Fair Play rules were mentioned to be taken into full effect after being introduced late 2023.

Teams that do not follow the Fair Play rules and guidelines could lose any prize won, not be eligible to participate in future tournaments and much more severe consequences.

Some of the focus this year from the Esports Team:

  • Open Global Official Events
  • Opportunity for Community Organizers to grow
  • Year-round Community Matchmaking and Cups to give opportunity for players to find and play against new teams
  • More Community Grassroot Tournaments for our players to participate in
  • Continued Transparency with our plans

More specific plans of the roadmap can be found in the team’s Reddit Post

About Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a competitive tactical shooter for mobile devices. Two teams battle it out in a 5v5 defuse game mode using teamwork, tactics, and skills to outplay the opposition. With a growing competitive scene, Critical Ops is one of the early pioneers in mobile esports. Available for free on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore, the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times


MOBILE E-SPORTS is a leading online esports organizer for mobile games. Founded in 2015, introducing esports tournaments to mobile gaming before the mobile esports industry became mainstream. MOBILE E-SPORTS introduced innovative approaches that simplified tournament organization and continues to work on creating an exciting experience for teams and game developers alike.

With its vast network and supportive partners, MOBILE E-SPORTS aims to shine the light on unique individuals and remarkable teams in order to help them achieve their dreams as professional mobile gamers within a growing platform. Tournaments are free and open to all players from all around the world as long as they comply with the rules and regulations in reference to the guidelines provided by MOBILE E-SPORTS and their partners. As experts and pioneers in the mobile industry, they continue to innovate the world of mobile esports for a better experience for everyone involved.

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