Discord overhaul

Before joining the official Critical Ops Discord server, please read the following rules and guidelines. By joining this server you agree to all of the rules listed below. Be respectful and polite to moderators, devs and everyone else.

You can join Discord here



  • English only. It’s nicer when everyone understands.
  • Spamming and/or profanity will result in a mute, and possible immediate permanent ban. Note that the bot will mute you if you post the same message three times in a row. Therefore, be cautious when looking for clans or scrims that you don’t get muted by accident. Also, you may receive warnings from bad behaviour; if you get three warnings, you are muted.
  • In order to keep the conversation clean, no links in #general_c-ops_chat. Post links on #media. Note that NSFW links will lead to a permanent ban.
  • Any sort of racism, sexism, or bigotry will result in a permanent ban. No jokes about rape.
  • If you take part in writing inappropriate messages with Discord reactions, you’ll be banned from the server. It’s just not cool, okay.
  • Do not Emoji spam or type in all caps, that is just annoying. Repeatedly doing so will result in a mute or, in the worst case, ban.
  • Inappropriate names will be changed, or in some extreme cases, you’ll be kicked or banned from the server. So, don’t try to be funny with some witty username.


  • Any community content related links & images (streams, videos, etc.) should be posted in the #media channel. But do not spam.
  • This is not a channel for you to promote your own discord channel. We already got a pretty nice channel here.



  • @moderator — People with this tag are people dedicated to helping in the Critical Ops Community. They are nice people so be nice to them too.
  • @dev — People who are making Critical Ops.


We have got a channel for every purpose. Make sure that you post only channel related content, follow the rules, and respect mods.

  • #announcements News about the game, community events and tournaments.
  • #faq-links Frequently asked questions and important links.
  • #featured Videos that are featured in game can be found here. Kinda like an archive, you know
  • #ingamesupport New to the game? Ran into a problem? Ask here. Read #faq-links before asking!
  • #media Are you making awesome videos about Critical Ops? Do you love streaming? You want to share your screenshots? Post them here! But don’t post discord links, we already have a Discord channel.
  • #general_c-ops_chat Everything and anything Critical Ops related. (No images or links)
  • #tournaments News and information about Critical Ops community tournaments.
  • #looking_for_clan Looking for a clan? Need new members? Advertise here.
  • #looking_for_scrim Want to challenge other clans? Post here.
  • #looking_for_party Looking for people to rank with? This is the place.