Critical Pass Guide


A new way to collect cases, skins, credits and knives.

Now playing Quick Matches and Ranked Defuse can earn you rewards.

The more you play the more rewards you unlock.

Upgrade to Elite at any time and collect even more items and credits.

Pre-Season starts 15th October and ends 25th November.


Pre-Season lasts until 25th November.

Critical Pass has two versions Elite and Free membership. During the Pre-Season, only Elite pass is available. Free pass will be accessible later.

Elite pass costs 1400 credits.


Season 1 is scheduled to start after Pre-Season. It will be available as soon as the development of Critical Pass is finished.


How do I buy Critical Pass?

The Critical Pass is free. Additionally, a premium Critical Pass Elite version can be purchased with Credits. During the Critical Pass Pre-Season, the free version is not available.

What options are available for the Critical Pass?

The Critical Pass has two options: Free membership and Elite membership. During the Pre-Season only the Elite Pass is available, the Free Pass will become available later.

What do I need to do to start earning Critical Pass rewards?

The more you play, the more rewards you unlock.

How do I level up my Critical Pass?

Critical Pass is levelled up by gathering experience points. Quick Matches and Ranked Defuse generate XP after successfully completing a match. It is also possible to earn bonus XP by winning games and having the most kills on your team. Furthermore, it is possible to unlock tiers with Credits.

What if I buy my Critical Pass late in the season?

You can purchase Critical Pass whenever the season is active. When the season starts you start earning XP and progress Critical Pass even without purchasing it. You can see gained progress in the Critical Pass menu. When you purchase Critical Pass you will immediately unlock the rewards you have earned.

Once the season is over, you will keep all of the rewards that you have unlocked during the season.

Do I keep my Critical Pass rewards after the season ends?

You will keep all of the rewards that you have unlocked during the season.

What happens when the Critical Pass season ends?

You keep your collected rewards and a new season will start shortly.

Can you purchase multiple rewards or unlocks?

You can only purchase a single reward at a time. One upgrade costs 400 Credits.

Will Critical Pass include missions as part of its levelling system?

Critical Pass will not include missions currently. XP is generated from Quick Matches and Ranked Defuse only.

What is the Pre-Season and how does it differ from Season 1?

The Pre-Season will allow us to test the system and Critical Pass features and will be followed up by the seasonal Critical Pass system. This means that some aspects of Season 1 are still in development. The Free version of the pass is not available during the Pre-Season, but it will be available later.

When does Season 1 start?

Season 1 is expected to start after the Pre-Season, as soon as its development is finished. For more information follow Critical Ops on social media: