Critical Ops Circuit Season 3 will begin THIS SUMMER August 2021, with a total combined prize pool of $20,000!


We have teamed up with Compact Esports and Gizer again to bring the third season of the Critical Ops Circuit.
The third season officially kicked off in August 2021. The Circuit is planned to happen twice a year, with a duration of three months per season, to provide C-OPS players regular competition and growth of Critical Ops Mobile Esports Scene.


C-OPS Circuit Europe Discord server
C-OPS Circuit North America Discord server
C-OPS Circuit South America Discord server
C-OPS Circuit Asia Discord server

Sign-Ups for the second month’s qualifier begin August 30th and end September 7th.




  • Teams must have at least five players and a maximum of 8 players in their lineup.
  • A player in a team competing in Circuit can’t change teams during the Circuit. Teams are allowed two lineup changes between Main tournament 2 and the Final Tournament.
  • Teams must provide exact in-game names and Critical Ops Account ID’s of their players while registering and editing their lineup.
  • If a player signs up with one team, they cannot play for any other team for the duration of the Circuit.
  • Players with the wrong in-game names or Account IDs will not be permitted to play.
  • Players cannot take part in more than one region in the same month (e.g., The same player cannot play in NA Qualifier 1 and SA qualifier 1 but must wait for next month’s SA qualifier instead).
  • If the player leaves the room before the final result at the end of the match, there will be no statistics recorded. In Main and Final Tournaments, players that disconnect before the final match results may suspend themselves from participating in the Circuit or other official tournaments hosted by Critical Force in the future.

Further rules are found from the Sign-Up Discord server


  • Each player must have at least 7,500 kills in their Critical Ops Account.
  • Each player’s Critical Ops Account must have been created at least three months before the start date of the Circuit.
  • Each player’s Critical Ops Account must be in good standing without prior violations to Critical Ops’s Terms of Use.
  • Players must only use a mobile device to participate (tablets, phones).
  • Each player must have the official version of C-OPS from their device’s respective App Store (e.g., iOS App Store / Google Play Store).
  • Players must use acceptable names to participate in the Circuit.
  • Critical Force shall have sole and absolute discretion and the right to determine any participants’ eligibility.


Main Tournament Points:
1st - 14 points
2nd - 11 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 5 points
5th to 8th - 3 points

In case of an equal amount of points:

  • Round balance in Main Tournaments
  • Qualifier Match



We can’t wait to see what happens in Season 3! Good luck to all of the teams participating!

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