1.18.0 BETA Patch notes

1.18.0 is now available both on Android and iOS BETA.


Room Owner

We are providing comprehensive customization options for custom games that players have been requesting. As room owner you can now execute game commands in Custom Games.

Custom Games enables a wide range of possibilities for all players, from the fun community created modes [Simon Says, Hide & Seek] to preparing Ranked strategies with your Clan or even hosting Critical Ops Circuit tournament matches.

Match Commands & Player Commands


We decided to broadcast all commands to the in-game chat for everyone to see. All players participating should be aware of any executed commands or modifications to the match.


Special Commands


Special Commands adds an extra layer of personalization; while in a room and as a room owner you can give any player a weapon, increase or reduce any player’s health, and so on.

With Special Commands it is possible to customize and/or control the match experience even more in Custom Games. We’re eager to see the community reaction to it.

Third-person holsters

We’re introducing a new visual feature in Critical Ops which allows players to see which weapons and gear each player is carrying — having an extra sense of strategy.

It’s something we’ve had on our wishlist for a long time and finally had a chance to develop it.


  • Each character model now has specified positions for their gear on their body.
  • Pistols go to the actual pistol holsters
  • Primary weapons are on the backs of the characters
  • Throwables/utilities are strapped to the chest.

These positions might differ a bit depending on the faction. Any and all equipment will have the equipped skins set.

We carefully considered the gameplay implications when developing this feature. The weapons and the holsters are placed so that it will not give any disadvantage. This feature currently excludes kevlar and helmet, so buying those in-game won’t affect the visuals of the character.

Players can now show off their cool loadout even more, as this was only possible by dropping the weapons before this change.

This is the first iteration, so we will continue improving and polishing the third-person holsters based on the community feedback and our internal testing.

Large server-side changes

We made large changes in our game server code. These changes may impact performance in a good or a bad way. We intend to monitor and measure the behavior during beta and fix arising issues before the release.


  • Fixed a bug that caused recent login issues
  • Fixed a bug when party member emblems not updating properly
  • Fixed minimap disappearing permanently when player is exposed to a flashbang
  • Fixed multiple bugs that caused game crashes