Community Spotlight


Rework of the Moderator System

We would like to announce that, after careful thought and consideration, we are overhauling our in-game moderator system.

Therefore, all the in-game moderator tags [M] will be removed starting today.

We would like to thank all former and current moderators for volunteering to help us in the Critical Ops community. We are truly thankful and happy to have had all of you helping us and shaping this community. Thank you! ♥


Opposing Forces

Critical Ops merchandise is available again, but only for limited time.

T-shirts and hoodies available.



Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? You already have a channel, but you aren’t kinda looking for direction what to do?

This article gives you a quick overview what it takes to manage a fruitful YouTube channel. Tips how to build a successful YouTube channel, how to make it look good, adding production value to your videos, and how to grow your channel.

Maybe you’re the next big Critical Ops content creator.


Community meetup in Las Vegas

Check out this video from Joker Gaming who was one of the content creators who got a chance to meet with our devs in Las Vegas last week!

Aleksworkshop interview

Aleks designs and crafts these weapons at his home himself and posts videos of them to his Youtube channel AleksWorkShop.

We interviewed him about his creative process and history with Critical Ops.