Introducing Community Prizing Tournaments

Play in tournaments

In collaboration with Battlefy, Critical Force presents updated prizing support program for community tournaments. “Community Prizing” is the official program for organizers to apply and receive in-game prize support for Critical Ops tournaments.

As the community and the game matures, we are looking for even more effective ways to enable all those interested in hosting and participating in tournaments to do so. Battlefy offers a scalable, highly automated system just for that and we’re thrilled to launch the updated program.

The support tournament organizers can receive through the program comes in the form of in-game credits. More teams in the tournament means more credits in the prize pool:

Tournament prizes

Interested in running a Critical Ops tournament? More information about the Community Prizing program and how to apply can be found from Battlefy blog.

Want to compete for the prizes with your team? Check out the ongoing tournaments with Community Prizing here.