Community Skins


What are Community Skins?

From the start, our goal has been to support our community and awesome content creators we have in our community. We are proud to announce the first three Community Skins to support content creators.

How do they work?

Revenue of the community skins is shared. Every skin sold will directly support the content creator in question. This is an easy way to support your favorite influencer and get skins that are designed in co-operation with said content creators. These skins will be limited time only and the price is 2000 credits. The skins can be purchased from Flash Sale. Note that community skins cannot be crafted or received from cases.

The first skin to be sold is a beautiful AK-47 Thunderhawk by ROOGHZ. ROOGHZ has been in the C-OPS community for a very long time, and he has been one of our biggest influencers. He was also the first one to reach 100 000 subscribers on YouTube. Thunderhawk is on sale until the 11th November

We will have two more community skins coming later this year. Make sure to follow our social media channels to get the information first.

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