Building a YouTube channel

There is no one correct way to make a YouTube channel. Internet is full of tutorials and articles how to do stuff. Therefore, I seriously recommend you to spend some time and do your research.


You want to start a YouTube channel or you already have one and you are looking for growth. Start by asking yourself what is my channel about and what do I want it to be? Having mission statement helps. Next question to ask yourself is how can I make my channel better or unique? You do want to differentiate yourself from the others. Third question is why would someone watch your content?


Your video is like first date. They’re interested in but haven’t made their mind yet. When they go to your channel, it’s like second date when you’re inviting them over to your flat. If it’s messy or there’s dirty boxer all over the place, most likely they are not staying. In this case subscribing. Make sure that your channel looks good. Channel art, such as a banner and thumbnails, establishes a tone for the channel.

Also double-check that your channel is easy to navigate. Ask yourself following questions. Is your channel appealing? What do you need to change? Having consistent thumbnails is a sign of clear brand. A good thumbnail stands out, tells viewers everything they need to know about the video, and clarifies that it’s your video.


What does adding production value even mean? It means that you’re making your videos look and sound more professional. It’s not enough to look marvellous, but you need to sound superb, too. A project should always start long before even turning on a PC or camera. So, you better spend some time in pre-production. Write a script for your video before you start filming it.

When starting a YouTube channel, define yourself an upload schedule. It gives your subscribers something to look forward to. It could be once a day, two times in a week, once a month or whatever you decide. And oh, always use royalty free music in your videos. Unless you have actually paid for royalty fees of course.


Growing doesn’t mean increasing number of subscribers. Growing means having an active community that keeps on growing. That community should consist of viewers and other content creators. In order to grow, it’s important to increase amount of your regular viewers.

Using social media to grow your community is extremely important. All successful youtubers utilise social media for communication and networking. Long story short, get more exposure. Next step after getting people to your channel is encouraging them to stay and come back again. Third step is to convince any new viewers that they should come back to your channel.


  • Quality Content
  • Intro & outro
  • Optimised thumbnails, informative but catchy titles
  • Consistency, clear brand
  • Posting regularly
  • Script
  • Engagement with audience